Who makes Slammer Hamer guitar?

Who makes Slammer Hamer guitar?

KMC Music
Hamer Guitars

Hamer Guitars on display at a music exhibition, 2008
Key people Paul Hamer, Jol Dantzig and John Montgomery
Products Electric guitars
Parent KMC Music
Website hamerguitars.com

Did Gibson Sue Hamer?

According to the website World Intellectual Property Review, Gibson has accused Hamer of infringing three of its guitar trademarks. …

How do you date a Hamer guitar?

Production Models: Production models are stamped (initially with ink, later into the wood, on the back of the peghead) with either a five or six digit serial number. The first digit indicates the year that the instrument was built. The next four or five digits are sequentially stamped in order of production.

When did Hamer guitars go out of business?

Hamer Guitars, the first and foremost builder of USA-made 12-string basses for over 30 years, finally went out of business in December of 2012.

Are Hamer XT guitars any good?

It is a very beautiful guitar, and the burst finish really accentuates the flame maple top. It is also extremely light in weight, which is a huge point in its favor. Hamer calls it an “archtop,” but it’s more of a carved top, with gorgeous lines.

What is a Hamer?

Dutch: from hamer ‘hammer’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a maker of hammers or a user of a hammer, for example a blacksmith. Jewish (Ashkenazic) and German: variant spelling of Hammer.

Which is the best Hamer electric guitar to buy?

A Look At Hamer Guitars: Is It Worth The Money Or Not? 1 Hamer Xt Series Sunburst Electric Guitar 2 Hamer Sunburst Flame Maple Archtop Electric Guitar 3 Hamer SATFW-DCB Electric Guitar 4 MONF-CS Monaco Archtop Electric Guitar

Is the Hamer Slammer Stratocaster any good?

If you hadn’t heard, it is official and FMIC is shutting down what little remains of Hamer USA production. They had dwindled down to only doing 15-30 100% custom guitars per year for the last 2-3 years anyway, so they have stopped taking any orders at all. As soon as the last order they have on the books is finished Hamer USA will be done.

When was the first Hamer Slammer guitar made?

Slammers by Hamer were kind of an interesting thing. If I’m remembering correctly Hamer applied the “Slammer” name to their first MIK import line sometime in the late 80s or early 90s.

When was Hamer Guitars bought out by Fender?

It was acquired by Kaman Music Corporation in 1988, which was purchased in turn by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in 2008. Hamer offered a wide array of electric guitars and electric basses and since its foundation, placed an emphasis on producing high-quality instruments with vintage aesthetics as well as creative innovations.

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