Is the MiG-9 Good War Thunder?

Is the MiG-9 Good War Thunder?

The MiG-9 is a stout little fighter and is flown best as a Boom & Zoom fighter or a bomber hunter. While a stable fighter, the MiG-9 lacks manoeuvrability to compete in turn fights as it tends to haemorrhage energy when making turns.

What is the most powerful plane in war thunder?

The B-29 is called the Superfortress for a reason. The propeller-powered big brother to the infamous B-17 Flying Fortress, this American bomber is among the most powerful in all of War Thunder, and designed with one sole function in mind – to drop huge payloads quickly from a great height.

What is the best country for jets in War Thunder?

The USSR. If you have no strong preference then starting off with the Soviet Union isn’t a bad idea; you get a bonus premium aircraft for the first country you fly with, and the I-153 that the USSR get is a great plane, very handy to be able to put straight into service without having to research and unlock it.

When was the MiG-9 made?

24 April 1946
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9

Role Fighter aircraft
National origin Soviet Union
Manufacturer Mikoyan-Gurevich
First flight 24 April 1946

Did the US have jets in ww2?

By the end of the conflict on 2 September 1945 Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States all had operational turbojet-powered fighter aircraft while Japan had produced, but not used, motorjet-powered kamikaze aircraft, and had tested and ordered into production conventional jets.

Will the A 10 be added to War Thunder?

The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II (not yet added) is a single-seat, twin turbofan engine, straight wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic for the United States Air Force (USAF).

Which country has the best Jets?

Military > Air force > Combat aircraft: Countries Compared

1 United States 2011
2 Russia 2008
3 China 2014
4 India 2011

Why are Russian planes called MiGs?

MiG, any member of a family of Soviet military fighter aircraft produced by a design bureau founded in 1939 by Artem Mikoyan (M) and Mikhail Gurevich (G). (The i in MiG is the Russian word meaning “and.”) The early MiG aircraft were propeller-driven fighters produced in moderate numbers during World War II.

What is the fastest MiG jet?

The fastest fighter still in service today is the Soviet-built MiG-25. Mikoyan designed this fighter to be a pure interceptor aircraft. As a result, the Foxbat can sustain a cruising speed of Mach 2.8 and kick it into overdrive with a top speed of 3.2 — not a bad technology for an aircraft that first took off in 1964.

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