Is the DJM 800 good?

Is the DJM 800 good?

It gets 4 stars because the sound quality is almost as good as rane, the regular effects are ok since they improved the quality from the DJM 600, 3 out of 4 sound color effects are amazing, very well built, can be used as midi.

Does DJM 800 have USB?

No, the DJM-800 doesn’t have USB.

How much does a DJM 800 weigh?


Width 320 mm
Weight 8 kg
S/N Ratio Line 105 dB
S/N Ratio Phono 88 dB
S/N Ratio Mic 84 dB

What are DJ sound effects called?

Effects are alterations to the sound added when you’re DJing. The most basic of effects is one we all know – the EQs. When you boost or cut the hi, mid or low frequencies on a track, you are effectively adding an effect.

What is DJ effect?

DJ Effects are controls or presents that can alter the sound of any track. There is an array of different effects that a DJ can use that range from extreme sound warping to light and airy alterations and from rhythmic to extreme. The hardware and software used for DJing offer a variety of different built-in effects.

What kind of filter does the djm-700 use?

The DJM-700 mixer also utilizes the same manual filter found on the well-renowned DJM-800. The manual filter enables more intuitive settings for multi-layered effects expanding the DJs creativity with their music.

What can I do with the pioneer djm-700?

The DJM-700 features various effects such as delay, echo, transformer, filter, flanger, phaser, reverb, robot and crush. • Roll Sampler: The DJM-700 incorporates a new roll sampler with a 96kHz/24-bit output which allows for real-time sampling of sounds.

What is the beat effect on the djm-700?

The DJM-700 also features multiple effects that can be synced with its tempo (beat) capabilities: • Beat Effect: Pioneered from the DJM-600, the beat effect has evolved into a 96kHz / 24-bit high performance effect in the DJM-700.

Why did the djm-700 become the industry standard?

They became industry standard because the DJ’s like the effects and the DJM-700 is the next generation of the 500/600 series. I believe the clone by Behringer being the $149 DJX-700 has made people confused with the Pioneer DJM-700.

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