Is the lawn open at Bryant Park?

Is the lawn open at Bryant Park?

The Lawn is closed. Enjoy the park webcam and calendar of events.

Can you sit in Bryant Park?

But Bryant Park is a city park, full of historical monuments and urban amenities. The park is a social place where friends meet, eat lunch, chat, stroll, listen to music, work on the wireless network, or simply sit and think. Winter, summer, spring, and fall, New Yorkers love this park.

Are the Shops at Bryant Park open?

The Rink and Lodge Deck is open daily, 8am-10pm; and the holiday shops are open Mondays through Fridays, 11am-8pm, and Saturdays and Sundays, 10am-8pm.

Can you picnic at Bryant Park?

In-park attendance Entry to Picnic Performances is open to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis for all audience members. Advance ticket registration is no longer required. In this area, attendees can bring a blanket or use a Bryant Park chair.

Can you drink alcohol at Bryant Park?

In addition park visitors will be allowed to BYO—but just during the movie nights. “This gives the public an opportunity to not be breaking the rules,” said Wright. “They will now be able to drink in the space.”

Is Bryant Park ice rink open?

The Rink is open daily, including holidays*, through the season, weather and events permitting. Many changes were made this season for the health and safety of the public and staff. Please see all changes, COVID-19 safety updates, and more information here.

Can I drink in public in NYC?

Is it still illegal to drink outdoors? Yes. According to the New York City Administrative Code, you can only drink outdoors if you’re at a permitted block party or a bar or restaurant with outdoor seating. Leave the red Solo cups at home if you’re picnicking in Central Park or spending a beach day at Coney Island.

Is it legal to drink wine in Central Park?

Alcohol is not permitted in Central Park.

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