How to use AKG Lyra with iPhone?

How to use AKG Lyra with iPhone?

iPhone Devices (iOs 10.7+): To provide enough power to use Lyra with an iPhone, you’ll need to add a powered USB hub. Connect Lyra’s included USB C-to-USB A cable to Lyra’s output, then connect the other end to the USB hub, then connect your hub output to your iPhone using an Apple Lighting to USB Camera Adapter.

How to connect AKG Lyra to phone?

Connect the Lyra to your iOS or Android device

  1. Use the included USB-C to USB-A cable to connect the Lyra to the powered USB hub.
  2. Connect the USB-A to USB-A cable from the hub to the lightning to USB adapter, then the adapter to your device.

How to use AKG Lyra with Android phone?

If you’re using your Lyra with a smartphone, you’ll need a simple adapter. Start by connecting your phone adapter, then plug in your mic. Lyra has a USB C port, located on the underside of the unit. Connect the included USB C-to-USB A cable.

What is d 440?

The D440 is a unidirectional dynamic microphone. It has been designed primarily for tough onstage use on drums, guitar amps, wind instruments etc. and uses a patented AKG Varimotion diaphragm. The D440 has a cardioid polar response.

Can I use a condenser mic on my phone?

This simple 1-channel phantom power supply will effectively power your condenser microphones if they need the +48V. Simply connect your XLR to the PS input and your XLR-charger port adapter to the PS output, connecting the adapted end of the cable to your smartphone.

Is AKG Lyra good?

The warmth of sound captured by the Lyra, and the choice of capture modes it offers, is spot on. The zero-latency monitoring is excellent with no echo and that makes it ideal for Skype or FaceTime. The Lyra offers exceptional value for money and is a solid investment for musicians, vloggers and podcasters alike.

How do I use voice recorder on my phone?

On your Android device, open the Voice app and tap the menu, then settings. Under calls, turn on incoming call options. When you want to record a call using Google Voice, simply answer the call to your Google Voice number and tap 4 to start recording.

Can I connect a condenser mic to my iPhone?

To churn out the best-quality audio using your iPhone, you’ll need a condenser microphone. An XLR condenser mic or any XLR professional microphone can be connected to your iPhone if you have a soundboard or an audio mixer handy.

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