Can heirloom seeds be organic?

Can heirloom seeds be organic?

Heirloom seeds come from open-pollinated plants that pass on similar characteristics and traits from the parent plant to the child plant. In most cases, heirloom plants are organic because they are generally only used by small-scale gardeners who do not use pesticide or other harmful chemicals.

Which is better heirloom or organic seeds?

Heirloom refers to the plant’s heritage. With seed-grown plants, only open-pollinated varieties are considered heirlooms. But heirloom does not guarantee produce was raised without chemicals, making organic a better choice when you’re worried about toxins.

Why are heirloom seeds bad?

Heirlooms are more subject to disease. Often a commercial hybrid seed grower (remember, not GE) will cross plants specifically to develop new ones that are more disease resistant. If your garden is particularly prone to certain diseases, a hybrid may be the better choice for you.

How do you know if seeds are heirloom?

Heirloom vegetables or seeds refer to any type of seed that has been grown for a number of years (since 1940 or before seems to be the general rule) and passed down from gardener to gardener.

How do you know if a seed is heirloom?

How do I get heirloom seeds?

You might find packets of heirloom seeds for sale in some grocery or hardware stores, or you can order online from companies like Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Annie’s Heirloom Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange. Heirloom seeds are easy to find and cost about the same as other seeds.

What qualifies as an heirloom seed?

A seed variety is typically considered an heirloom if it existed more than 50 years ago, but some plant experts only classify seeds cultivated before World War II as heirlooms. A few seed companies and organizations have also helped preserve heirloom seeds and make them more widely available.

Where are heirloom vegetable seeds grown in California?

This Northern California-based supplier specializes in certified organic heirloom vegetable seeds (over 1,500 varieties and counting!). An impressive 75% of their seed stock is grown on organic farms in California, and 40% of their seed stock is grown right in Mendocino County, which is completely GMO-free.

Which is the Best Organic Seed Company in California?

The Plant Good Seed Company is the home of All Good Things Organic Seeds. We carry certified organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, including improved rare and heirloom varieties. Many of our varieties have been sourced directly from our home farm and a network of small scale seed growers.

Where to buy heirloom, organic and non GMO seeds?

Bountiful Gardens California, USA. They sell untreated open-pollinated non-GMO seed of heirloom quality for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops. From the owner: “We sell organic and sustainable organic seed (biointensive).

Where can I buy heirloom seeds in Arizona?

Terroir Seeds LLC. Home of Underwood Gardens Arizona, USA. A family owned independent heirloom seed company that offers the finest untreated, non-GMO heirloom vegetable, herbs and flowers seeds for home gardeners and small growers. Contact: Phone/Fax 888-878-5247

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