How many albums did Bad Religion sell?

How many albums did Bad Religion sell?

five million albums
To date, Bad Religion has released seventeen studio albums, two live albums, three compilation albums, three EPs, and two live DVDs. They are considered to be one of the best-selling punk rock acts of all time, having sold over five million albums worldwide.

Is Bad Religion Religious?

Why did Bad Religion – a punk band, led by an atheist – record an EP of Christmas classics? In the lead up to Christmas in 1990, Bad Religion issued a track called God Song.

Who is the singer of Bad Religion?

Greg Graffin
Greg Hetson
Bad Religion/Singers

Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin is also an evolutionary biologist – The San Diego Union-Tribune.

How many Bad Religion songs are there?

Also in 2013, the band released an EP of Christmas music titled Christmas Songs that reached number 101 on the Billboard 200. Bad Religion did not release another full-length studio album, Age of Unreason, until 2019….

Bad Religion discography
Video albums 5
Music videos 25
EPs 2
Singles 29

What is Greg Graffin a doctor of?

Greg Graffin, frontman for punk rock stalwarts Bad Religion who obtained a PhD in zoology from Cornell University and recently published the science memoir Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science and Bad Religion in a World Without God, will teach Evolution at the ivy league university this fall.

Who Wrote Bad Religion?

Bad Religion (song)

“Bad Religion”
Songwriter(s) Sully Erna Tommy Stewart
Producer(s) Sully Erna Murdock
Godsmack singles chronology
“Voodoo” (1999) “Bad Religion” (2000) “Awake” (2000)

What is the longest Bad Religion song?

Time and Disregard
It also features Bad Religion’s longest track to date, “Time and Disregard”, which is seven minutes long. Into the Unknown proved to be the band’s most controversial release; despite favorable reviews from music critics, it was a commercial failure, and was characterized as a “misstep” by guitarist Brett Gurewitz.

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