What is considered aggressive growth?

What is considered aggressive growth?

Aggressive growth is a kind of investment fund that seeks to return the highest capital gains. These funds hold stocks of companies with potential for rapid growth. Such funds normally deliver high returns in bull markets and deep losses in bear markets.

Is large growth the same as aggressive growth?

Growth and Income = Large-Cap Funds (which invest in big companies like Coca-Cola and Home Depot) Growth = Mid-Cap Funds. Aggressive Growth = Small-Cap Growth Funds (which invest in smaller companies poised to grow bigger) International = World stocks funds (which invest in companies outside of the US)

What is the best stock sector to invest in 2021?

The best choice. 2021 could very well be another bull market where technology, consumer discretionary, industrials, and communication services perform well. But given high valuations in the tech and consumer discretionary sectors, the consumer staples sector seems to have the best mix of risk and reward in 2021.

Are growth funds aggressive?

An aggressive growth fund is a mutual fund that seeks capital gains by investing in the shares of growth company stocks. As such, aggressive growth funds seek to provide above average market returns however their underlying investments are often volatile causing high share price volatility.

What sectors are expected to do well in 2021?

2021 US sector outlook

  • Health care.
  • Real estate.
  • Consumer. staples.
  • Industrials.

Are aggressive growth funds a good investment?

Since these funds typically are associated with high risk and high return it is important for investors to closely examine risk metrics of the funds. Aggressive growth funds offer some of the highest return potential in the equity markets, also with some of the highest risks.

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