Is the arturia BeatStep Pro worth it?

Is the arturia BeatStep Pro worth it?

The Beatstep Pro is really easy to set up and even easier to learn. Within a few days I introduced it into my workflow without any issues. I already notice a positive difference in my projects. The swing and randomize settings alone make this worth the money.

What does the arturia BeatStep do?

BeatStep was designed to give you the control you need, whether you’re working with your favorite DAW or loop triggering software, VST instrument or effect, drum software, DJ app, MIDI synth or even analog gear with CV/Gate inputs. BeatStep fulfills multiple requirements for a wide variety of musicians.

Is arturia BeatStep standalone?

BeatStep Pro features everything you could want from a standalone sequencer, with 2 independent monophonic sequencers for melodies or bass, and a dedicated drum sequencer. Get as deep as you like with BeatStep Pro’s real-time transposition, recording, rewriting, and knob-based editing.

Is BeatStep polyphonic?

The keyboard controller includes a polyphonic sequencer.

What can you do with the Arturia Beatstep Pro?

Arturia Beatstep Pro Dynamic… Arturia’s original BeatStep is a standalone MIDI step sequencer that can be used to trigger both hardware and software.

How big are the sockets on the Arturia Beatstep?

Lastly, and cementing the Beatstep’s ‘jack of all trades’ credentials, two 3.5mm sockets carry notes and gates to the outside world. Arturia have a nifty line in petite analogues and the Beatstep is ready to talk to them — or to any synth or modular that conforms to the Oct/Volt standard.

What do you need to know about the Beatstep?

The Beatstep is a combined drum pad, MIDI controller and step sequencer eager to communicate with CV/Gate synths, MIDI hardware, the studio computer or iPad. In or out of the box, on of off stage, this tiny controller promises much and costs little. It sounds almost too good to be true.

How many tracks are there in Arturia Pro Sound?

There are three tracks, consisting of two ‘melodic’ parts and a drum sequencer. Arturia had the inspired idea to colour–code each, picking green and yellow (the manual claims orange) for the two regular sequence tracks and purple for drums.

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