Why was American History X in black and white?

Why was American History X in black and white?

Throughout the movie the importance of color and lighting is obvious, because it divides the movie into two fused worlds of Derek. Some of the movie is shot in black and white to show that, at that point in time, Derek was a racist Nazi, and only saw people in terms of their skin color, black and white.

What does dannys tattoo mean in American History X?

The way in which Derek asks where Danny got the tattoo is not unlike any older brother criticizing his young sibling for getting a tattoo prematurely. But this is no ordinary tattoo. It’s a stamp of hatred that changes everything.

Where did the idea of a tattoo come from?

In English, the word “tattoo” has late-16th century origins. Somewhat ironically, in the United States their history among indigenous peoples goes back even earlier than that — but, though the idea was already widespread on American soil, it would take voyages to the other side of the world to turn the tattoo into a mainstream American concept.

How did the demand for tattoos grow in America?

As a result, the demand for tattoos and artists grew immensely. The number of tattooed Americans grew more rapidly in the past 20 years than during any other time in American history. With so many artists, new styles and techniques arose.

Why did people get tattoos after the American Revolution?

After the American Revolution, United States sailors cultivated a culture of tattooing for several reasons. One main reason was to ensure that they had defining, distinguishing marks on their bodies. British ships forcibly took American sailors to the British Navy if they could not identify them as American.

How are tattoos related to the art world?

Tattoos also have been recently linked to the American fine art world in a number of ways. One of tattoos most significant ties to the mainstream art world is the profusion of academy trained artists entering the profession.

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