Who created 31 minutos?

Who created 31 minutos?

Pedro Peirano
31 Minutos (roughly 31 Minutes) is an Chilean puppet series created in 2003 by Pedro Peirano and Alvaro Diaz. The series focuses on a fictional news named 31 Minutos, hosted by Tulio Triviño and his friends whose tried to give serious news, but never will did it.

Where does 31 minutos take place?

31 minutos, la película
Running time 83 minutes
Countries Brazil Chile Spain
Languages Spanish Portuguese
Budget 2.5 million

Is 31 minutos a kid show?

A “news show” featuring only puppets. In its 31 minutes of run-time, includes “the green note”, interviews, a musical ranking and lots of fun for kids and adults.

How old is Juan Carlos bodoque?

A native of Titirilquén , Juan Carlos de Bodoque y Vodoque is one of the 68 children of Mitsy Vodoque and Don Belisario Bodoque. At 8 years old (in rabbit) he entered the Apumanque Herd, where he met his childhood friend, Tulio Triviño .

Does Netflix have 31 minutos?

Is 31 Minutos on Netflix? Yes!

When did the show 31 minutos come out?

31 minutos (lit: 31 minutes) is a children’s television series and musical group from Chile. Conceived and developed by Pedro Peirano and Álvaro Díaz under their production company Aplaplac, the show first aired in March 2003 by the sign of Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN), running for four seasons.

What kind of music does 31 minutos play?

In addition to being a television series, 31 minutos tours as a band, playing songs written for the show. The genre of the band is difficult to define as their songs span many styles, including alternative rock, punk, pop, hip-hop, rap and reggae .

Where did the name 31 minutos come from?

The origins of 31 minutos date back to 1990, when its creators Álvaro Díaz and Pedro Peirano entered the Universidad de Chile to study journalism and met each other for the first time.

When does season 2 of 31 minutos come out?

The second season of 31 minutos made its debut on March 20, 2004 on Televisión Nacional de Chile, and simultaneously the program began to be known in other countries. On June 9, 2004, Nickelodeon’s Latin American signal bought the first two seasons of the series]

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