How do you get to Edelstein?

How do you get to Edelstein?

Go to Six Path Crossway, climb up to Victoria Tree Platform, take the appropriate portal, then talk to the travel NPC. Go to the Edelstein Temporary Airport, talk to Ace, then choose where you want to go. Go to Crossroads of Ereve, take the Sky Ferry portal, then talk to the appropriate ship NPC.

How do you get to the Nihal Desert?

Ariant can be traveled there if you are the following: Below level 30, you can help Manji with the quests can allow up to 5 trips to Ariant. If you are traveling, take the ship from Ellinia then to Orbis then head to the right and talk to NPC to head to Ariant. Use the world map button if you need directions.

How do I get to Magatia Maplestory?

Magatia is a town built in the desert, where alchemists reside. Players can reach here on foot via Ariant.

How do I get to Leafre?

How to get to Leafre? 🙁 Go to Orbis by taking the ship from Victoria. Once you arive at the Orbis station walk all the way right and speak to the npc/enter the portal and chose “Fly to Leafre” or something like that.

Which is the best training guide for MapleStory?

As a new or returning player, it can be difficult to navigate the maple world and find monsters suitable for training at your current level. In this training guide, we cover the best training spots at all levels from 1-275. You can use this guide for both Reboot and regular servers.

Where do you go to move between continents in Maplestory?

You can move to Six Path Crossway using the portal all the way to the left from Sleepywood. If you’ve obtained the Maple Guide Gold Beach content stamp, you can move to Gold Beach from anywhere. The Gold Beach content can be entered starting Lv.

Where are all the hidden maps in Maplestory?

If you can’t find a map listed above, open the world map by pressing W, search for the map in the search bar located at the top, and then double click it the map name for directions. Some special maps in the game are hidden. Any map we’ve listed above that is hidden has instructions on how to get there in their dedicated paragraph below.

What’s the EXP for easy Zakum In MapleStory?

EXP: 187 (Normal) / 355 (Reboot) At level 50, you unlock Easy Zakum, which is a weak version of the boss Zakum. Defeating Easy Zakum gives significant EXP at this level, so take him out daily.

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