How do you eat salsa Tartufata?

How do you eat salsa Tartufata?

Salsa tartufata is a magical blend of black summer truffle, mushrooms and black olives. Ready to eat straight from the jar it can be used in all sorts of dishes. Simply stir a couple of tablespoons through freshly cooked pasta, or the finishing touch to a grilled salmon or chicken.

What is truffle Tartufata?

Tartufata, meaning ‘truffled’ is an Italian sauce. Our unique recipe is made with coarsely chopped black olives & mushrooms, expertly blended with highest quality European Black Truffles (Tuber aestivum).

What is Tartufata sauce?

Italian summer black truffles are combined with countryside mushrooms, cooked in olive oil with a touch of garlic and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper to create this masterful ingredient. Simply add it to any dish, and let it work its dark, truffle magic.

Where is Tartufata from?

Tartufi Morra was founded by Giacomo Morra in 1930 in Alba, Italy. Its founder, Giacomo Morra, is responsible for making the famous tartufo bianco (white truffle) from Alba and Le Langhe famous worldwide. Today, Morra is still considered a pillar in Italian cuisine.

What is Salsa Tartufata used for?

Salsa Tartufata (Truffle sause) is the perfect seasoning for pasta, risotto, crostini and bruschette, eggs or to accompany meat and fish dishes.It is a mixture of minced mushrooms and broken truffle of summer.

How do you store Salsa al Tartufo?

Once you have opened the jar, the salsa can be preserved for a few more days in your fridge. Make sure you cover the salsa with a bit of olive oil.

What is black truffle salt?

Truffle salt is a relatively new concoction made by mixing traditional salts with pieces of white or black truffle. Much like truffle oil, truffle salt is used in the kitchen as a finishing garnish. With just a few grains of this salt, you can enrich the flavor of anything you cook with.

What does black truffle sauce taste like?

Truffles have a deep aroma and strong fragrance that are a prelude to their taste. Earthy, musky and pungent, the best way to describe their taste is by putting them in the umami category. Also known as the fifth taste, this lesser-known flavor is savory and reminiscent of meat, broth, and fish.

How do you store Tartufata?

Store in a dry place, away from heat and light. Before opening, store in a dry place, away from heat sources and direct light sources. Once opened, cover with olive oil, close the jar and keep refrigerated for up to 15/18 days.

What is truffle salsa?

A rustic blend of truffles, eggplant and mushrooms. Ready-to use product that is perfect for canapés, egg noodle pasta or a sauce for grilled meats and fish. Produced using fresh West Australian vegetables, Melanosporum Truffles and truffle aroma. …

What is a good substitute for black truffle?

The porcini mushroom is a noteworthy option. When dried, they go some way to providing the funky, savoury flavour of truffles. Those expecting a £1,000 topping will be sorely disappointed. However, for a few pounds, dried porcini mushrooms provide a somewhat similar alternative without the astronomical truffle prices.

Is black truffle bad for you?

In addition to their distinct taste and aroma, truffles are also highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants and may possess antibacterial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

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