Can I use a mouse with a notebook?

Can I use a mouse with a notebook?

Computer mice connect in a variety of ways, and you should be able to find a mouse what works with whatever peripheral ports your laptop has. As a general rule, any mouse that works with a desktop computer also works with a laptop.

What is a notebook mouse?

Though you may have used a keyboard of some type or a traditional mouse attached to a desktop computer, a laptop pointing device, called a touchpad, may be new to you. Frankly, a laptop touchpad, which is essentially your laptop’s built-in mouse, takes a little getting used to.

Does microcenter sell mice?

Laptop Mice Choose a store to see products at your local Micro Center.

How do you right click on a laptop without a mouse?

Keyboard Shortcut for Right-Click If you want to right-click on a laptop without using the trackpad, you can do it using a keyboard shortcut. Position the cursor and hold down “Shift” and press “F10” to right-click. Some laptops also have a specific key called a “Menu” key that can be used for right-clicking.

Is using a mouse bad for you?

Overuse, bad posture, and a mouse that fits your hand poorly can also cause thumb tendinitis, says David Rempel, a professor bioengineering and medicine at the University of California, Berkeley. Although most ergonomic mice are marketed to gamers, you don’t have to be one to benefit from using a gaming mouse.

What is the benefit of a mouse?

An ergonomic mouse can ease existing wrist pain and help prevent you from developing Carpal Tunnel or RSI. They reduce the range of motion necessary for operation and allow you to extend your hand and arm naturally.

How do you pair a wireless mouse with a laptop?

Connect a wireless Bluetooth mouse by turning your laptop’s internal Bluetooth adapter on and flipping the power switch on the mouse. Generally, the computer will have a “B”-shaped Bluetooth icon in the system tray.

What is the best wireless mouse for my laptop?

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705. Logitech M705 is the best logitech marathon mouse that is perfect for your computer. It comes with the tiny logitech unifying receiver that remains in your PC or laptop. It comes with the best sculpted and comfortable design.

Where can I buy a laptop mouse?

You can buy Computer Mouse at Walmart. You can pace down the aisle to the electronics department and select your choice for a computer mouse. You can even order a computer mouse you fancied on the store’s online page.

What is a laptop mouse?

A computer mouse is a handheld pointing device and input device used with all desktop computers that moves the mouse pointer on the screen. To help with portability, mobile devices like a laptop use a touchpad instead of a mouse. Devices like a smartphone and tablet use a touch screen for their pointer input.

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