What is the best class for multiplayer Modern Warfare?

What is the best class for multiplayer Modern Warfare?

The Best Competitive Classes to Use in Modern Warfare

  • Class set-ups for Modern Warfare competitive.
  • Class #1: Rushing M4A1.
  • Class #2: Accurate M4A1.
  • Class #3: Run ‘N’ Gun MP5.
  • Class #4: Stealthy MP5.

What is the best gun in Modern Warfare multiplayer 2021?

Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare recommendation: Grau 5.56. Best Sniper Rifle in Modern Warfare recommendation: AX-50. Best Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare recommendation: MK2 Carbine. Best Shotgun in Modern Warfare recommendation: 725.

How to create a soldier in Call of Duty Ghosts?

CREATE-A-SOLDIER. In Call of Duty®: Ghosts you don’t just create a class, you create a soldier. Choose the head, body type, head-gear and equipment, and you can even create a female soldier for the first time. With over 20,000 possible combinations, you can create the soldier you’ve always wanted.

When to use Ghost in Black Ops 4?

Ghost only works while you are sprinting in Black Ops 4 and you will want to refrain from sprinting as much as possible with the ICR. An alternative setup forgoes the Quickdraw with a second Perk 2. Lightweight increases movement speed while sprinting.

What are the DLC packs for Call of Duty Ghosts?

Welcome to CALL OF DUTY®: GHOSTS NEMESIS, the final DLC Pack. The pack contains 4 multiplayer maps, and EXODUS, the conclusion to the EXTINCTION 4-part episodic saga. In EPISODE 4: EXODUS, your CIF Unit has flown in to help fight off the Cryptid army laying siege to the last bastion of human resistance.

What’s the new Call of Duty for ghosts?

WE ARE ALL WE’VE GOT. This new chapter in the Call of Duty® franchise features a fresh dynamic, where players are on the side of a crippled nation, fighting not for freedom, or liberty, but simply to survive.

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