How long does nerve pain last after a stroke?

How long does nerve pain last after a stroke?

This is when pain lasts for a longer period of time – usually three months or more. It may continue even though the affected part of the body has healed. Chronic pain often needs different treatment to acute pain.

Is shoulder pain common after stroke?

As many as 84 percent of stroke survivors develop shoulder pain associated with shoulder subluxation and motor weakness. A physical therapist or physician can diagnose the condition by feeling the space between the arm bone and the shoulder blade.

Why does my shoulder hurt after my stroke?

Spasticity. Muscle stiffness after stroke is often due to a condition called spasticity. When spasticity increases stiffness and affects the muscles in the arm and shoulder, it can lead to shoulder pain.

How do you get rid of shoulder pain after a stroke?


  1. Corticosteroid injection to the shoulder to reduce inflammation.
  2. Medications to reduce pain and inflammation.
  3. Stretching and shoulder range of motion exercises.
  4. Joint mobilization to the shoulder to restore mobility.
  5. Strengthening exercises to restore proper muscle activation.

Where does pain come from after a stroke?

The shoulder is a ‘ball and socket’ joint, with a rounded shape at the end of the upper arm fitting into a hollow space in the shoulder blade. Muscles and ligaments hold the arm bone in place. There is a layer of tissue that surrounds this joint which is called a capsule. Pain after stroke For more information visit

What happens to your shoulder after a stroke?

Shoulder pain restricts patients’ daily life after stroke. The increased risk of shoulder pain for patients with impaired arm motor function and/or low general status needs close attention in poststroke care.

Is it normal to have a headache after a stroke?

Headaches are more common soon after a stroke but should reduce over time. Some people get painful sensations like tingling, known as central post-stroke pain. If you are in pain after a stroke, try speaking to your GP or stroke nurse. The pain could be related to the stroke, or it could have another cause.

Why do my arm muscles hurt after a stroke?

If your arm muscles are very weak, stiff or paralysed, the effect of gravity puts a strain on your ligaments and your capsule. This can cause these parts of your shoulder joint to become inflamed, stretched and damaged. Having weakness in your arm muscles may contribute to this pain in your shoulder. Subluxation

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