How does an ultrasound describe a molar pregnancy?

How does an ultrasound describe a molar pregnancy?

Ultrasound is the standard imaging modality for identifying molar pregnancy. Classically, a ‘snowstorm pattern’ has been described, resulting from the presence of a complex vesicular intrauterine mass containing many ‘grape-like’ cysts.

Can you see a molar pregnancy on an ultrasound?

An ultrasound of a complete molar pregnancy — which can be detected as early as eight or nine weeks of pregnancy — may show: No embryo or fetus. No amniotic fluid. A thick cystic placenta nearly filling the uterus.

What does molar pregnancy look like?

A molar pregnancy may seem like a normal pregnancy at first, but most molar pregnancies cause specific signs and symptoms, including: Dark brown to bright red vaginal bleeding during the first trimester. Severe nausea and vomiting. Sometimes vaginal passage of grapelike cysts.

Do you see a yolk sac with molar pregnancy?

Ultrasound showed that partial molar pregnancies more commonly had a discrete gestational sac, yolk sac, or fetal pole (a thickening on the margin of the yolk sac), while complete molar pregnancies were more likely to show clearly abnormal tissue in the uterus.

What is the reason for molar pregnancy?

Causes. A molar pregnancy is caused by an abnormally fertilized egg. Human cells normally contain 23 pairs of chromosomes. One chromosome in each pair comes from the father, the other from the mother. In a complete molar pregnancy, an empty egg is fertilized by one or two sperm, and all of the genetic material is from the father.

Can a baby survive a molar pregnancy?

Since the placenta is compromised in this condition and placenta provides the nutrition to the baby when in womb; it is very difficult, nearly impossible for a baby to survive a molar pregnancy.

What is HCG in molar pregnancy?

(July 22, 2010) Molar Pregnancy HCG Levels. Human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG is the hormone present in an expectant mother’s bloodstream. This hormone is produced by the developing embryo initially and then by a part of the placenta called syncytiotrophoblast.

What is the diagnosis code for molar pregnancy?

The ICD code O01 is used to code Molar pregnancy. Molar pregnancy is an abnormal form of pregnancy in which a non-viable fertilized egg implants in the uterus and will fail to come to term.

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