Is Ridgeback a good bike brand?

Is Ridgeback a good bike brand?

The advantage of the Ridgeback is that it comes with all the essential extras that a commuting bike should have. Namely mudguards and pannier rack. Both of these make commuting a much more enjoyable experience. Despite a slightly misleading name, it is a good solid, middle of the road commuting bike.

Is Ridgeback a good kids bike?

British bike manufacturers Ridgeback have created a robust children’s bikes here, which is also available in red and green. This model is ideal for young children. It’s light, which makes riding easier, and durable, so can be passed on to a second child (or resold).

Where are Ridgeback bikes made?

Ridgeback is a British bicycle brand manufacturing road, urban, utility, youth and mountain models. Their bikes are distributed by Sportline UK which is owned by H Young Holdings….Ridgeback (brand)

Type Private
Headquarters Milton Keynes , England, UK
Key people Errol Drew, Founder
Products Bicycles

Are Ridgeback bikes lightweight?

The Ridgeback MX16 is a lightweight bike with a rugged aluminium frame making it..

What is the best bike for a 2 year old?

Best Bikes For 2 Year Olds

  1. Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike. The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is an excellent choice for 2-year olds to start learning how they can balance on a bike.
  2. JOYSTAR Kids Bike with Training Wheels.
  3. Cruzee Ultralite Balance Bike.
  4. RoyalBaby Honey & Buttons Kids Bike.
  5. Raleigh Bikes MXR 12 Kids Bike.

Which bike is best for 5 year old?

View The Best Bikes For 5 Year Old Below

  • JOYSTAR Kids Bike for Girls & Boys, Training Wheels.
  • JOYSTAR Girl’s Bike with Training Wheels.
  • Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys.
  • RoyalBaby Stargirl Girls Bike.
  • RoyalBaby Honey and Buttons Bike For 5 Year Olds.
  • Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Bike.
  • KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike.

What makes a ridgeback speed a good bike?

The Speed hits all of Ridgeback’s core values, the first being that of value: you won’t find many bikes under £500 equipped with full mudguards, a rear rack and full Shimano drivetrain. It’s also fun, thanks to the Speed’s geometry and design. A slacker head angle means that this ride is forward and upright.

What kind of brakes does a Ridgeback have?

As for stopping, Ridgeback has opted for V-brakes. In its time, the mountain bike V-brake was revolutionary, offering strong brake power, high tyre clearance and simple maintenance. The V-brakes are now obsolete in the world of performance bikes, but still perform well.

How big are the tyres on a Shimano Ridgeback?

The 42c tyres are about as large as you’ll fit under the mudguards, meaning occasional tyre rub. Shimano: a decent offering but the drivetrain noise is unnerving. The wheels attach via threaded axles with 15mm bolts, so you must add a 15mm spanner to your puncture-repair set-up.

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