What did the Anglo-Saxons do as jobs?

What did the Anglo-Saxons do as jobs?

There were many jobs to be done in an Anglo-Saxon village, such as chopping firewood, churning butter and grinding flour. A typical village would have a metal forger and a builder. Children didn’t have time to play as there were lots of jobs to do to help their families.

How did Anglo-Saxons make money?

The early Anglo-Saxons did not use coins, but they did re-use some Roman coins. During the seventh century (AD600-699) the Anglo-Saxons started to make their own coins. Kings wanted coins to show their importance and wealth, to use in trade, and because mints were profitable.

Did the Anglo-Saxons invent anything?

The Anglo-Saxons had a very developed knowledge of science and the natural world. They read treatises by earlier Greek and Roman writers and, in some cases, they formulated new theories and inventions to understand everything from astronomy to medicine to the tides of the sea.

What are Anglo-Saxons famous for?

The earliest English kings were Anglo-Saxons, starting with Egbert in the year 802. Anglo-Saxons ruled for about three centuries, and during this time they formed the basis for the English monarchy and laws. The two most famous Anglo-Saxon kings are Alfred the Great and Canute the Great.

What kind of jobs did the Anglo Saxons have?

There was many different jobs in Anglo-Saxon times but the vast majority of them made their living from farming. This is going to tell you a bit about what jobs the Anglo-Saxons had.

When did the Anglo-Saxons come to England?

New people came in ships across the North Sea – the Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxon age in Britain was from around AD410 to 1066. They were a mix of tribes from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. The three biggest were the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes.

What was life like for an Anglo-Saxon child?

Growing up in an Anglo-Saxon village Anglo-Saxon children had to grow up very quickly. By the time they were ten, they were seen as an adult. They had to work as hard as any adult and would be punished as adults if they stole or broke the law.

What did the Anglo-Saxons use their pots for?

This is a collection of Anglo-Saxon pots. They were used for many thing. Some would be used like a saucepan to cook in, others would hold food and water, like our dishes and cups. This is a set of gaming pieces. They were used in boardgames, like we use counters and dice today. Where next? When did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?

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