What is the best remedy for degenerative disc disease?

What is the best remedy for degenerative disc disease?

Methods of pain control may include anti-inflammatory medications, manual manipulation, steroid injections, electrical stimulation, back braces or heat/ice therapy. Physical therapy can help stretch and strengthen the right muscles to help the back heal and reduce the frequency of painful flare-ups.

What vitamins help with degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative disc diseases (DJD) can damage the connective tissues as well. Adequate dietary protein, along with vitamins A, B6, C, E and minerals such as zinc and copper are essential for maintaining strong and healthy connective tissue.

Does vitamin D help with degenerative disc disease?

Vitamin D inhibits NF-κB signaling pathways, reduces the level of inflammation and oxidative stress in the intervertebral disc, delays cell aging, and inhibits apoptosis. Therefore, vitamin D can greatly improve intervertebral disc degeneration.

What foods help degenerative disc disease?

Leafy greens are one of the very best things anyone can eat, offering tons of vitamin K and helping protect the body from inflammation, Osteoporosis and things like Degenerative Disc Disease. Think spinach, kale, cabbage and other similar produce items.

Is chiropractic safe for degenerative disc disease?

Chiropractic care is a preferred treatment option for degenerative disc disease for a variety of reasons. Because it is gentle and non-invasive, chiropractic is much less likely to create undesirable side effects—which are common with prescription medications and surgery.

How can I slow down my degenerative disc disease?

Here are three key action steps you can take to slow down degenerative disc disease: Stop Smoking – According to medical researchers, there is an association between smoking and degenerative disc disease. Live an Active Lifestyle – To keep your spinal discs healthy, you need to incorporate an active

What are the best exercises for degenerative disc disease?

Try walking, water aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and stretching. Lifting heavy weights or running marathons might not be a good idea if you have significant disc degeneration or many DDD symptoms. Instead, your goal should be regular, moderate exercise, which will help strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints.

Can degenerative disc disease go away on its own?

Although degenerative disc disease won’t completely go away on its own, many patients find symptoms respond favorably to simple lifestyle changes, such as: Following a healthy diet.

What are the supplements for degenerative disc disease?

Glucosamine and chondroitin appear to increase the level of fluid in spinal discus, which helps correct protrusions and restore some height to the discs. Also, the supplements seem to inhibit further degeneration, suggesting that glucosamine and chondroitin may hold a therapeutic benefit for this condition.

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