Can you surf at Capitola Beach?

Can you surf at Capitola Beach?

Surfing is one of the most fun things to do in Santa Cruz and Capitola Beach is a great place to learn. Capitola Beach Company has experienced surf instructors that are happy to answer any questions you have.

Where can I surf in Capitola?

Capitola Surf Report & Forecast

  • Waddell Creek.
  • Scott Creek.
  • Davenport.
  • Four Mile.
  • Three Mile.
  • Natural Bridges.
  • Mitchell’s Cove.
  • Steamer Lane.

How big are the waves at Capitola?

Current Surf Report for Capitola Current Conditions

High 4:54AM 3.18ft
Low 9:09AM 2.92ft
High 3:42PM 4.76ft
Low 11:20PM 1.28ft

Is Capitola good for surfing?

Capitola Beach is without a doubt the perfect spot for learning how to surf.

Is Cowell Beach good for surfing?

From the Santa Cruz Wharf north to Steamer Lane, the stretch of sand and reef known as Cowells is a fun-for-everyone longboard spot frequented by anyone who wants to surf soft but shapely user-friendly waves.

Is Santa Cruz good for beginner surfers?

One of the best beginner spot in all of Cali! Definitely crowded, with lots of beginners and surf schools. The most famous surf spot in Santa Cruz. Best for folks that know what they’re doing and locals.

Is it safe to surf in Santa Cruz?

The answer is, “Yes, you are SAFE!” when surfing Santa Cruz and Capitola Beach! Below are the key reasons why you have very little to worry about during your Santa Cruz surfing experience.

When can you surf cowells?

“Cowell’s is best during low tides, the lower the better,” says Schmidt. “Periodically the winter surf moves sand into the lineup which can make it have rideable surf all the way through high tide. The best conditions for Cowell’s usually happen in the spring.

Is Pleasure Point A beginner surf spot?

Pleasure Point. Jacks (in front of Jack O’Neill’s house) is a very beginner friendly, longboard spot. The Hook: Right reef break. Hollow, fast, fun. Draws a lot of crowds because of the parking lot right in front.

What time is best to surf?

The best time of day to surf is generally in the early morning (around sunrise) and in the late evening (around sunset) when there is swell in the water.

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