Who can you romance as a female Sith Warrior?

Who can you romance as a female Sith Warrior?

Sith Warrior

Male Romance Options Female Romance Options
Jaesa Willsaam (dark side) Malavai Quinn

Can a female inquisitor romance Ashara?

Yes, Ashara on FemQuisitor is annoying to raise affection with, but it is not that difficult, especially if you have some other characters that can go grind out gift missions.

Can a female Sith Warrior romance Jaesa?

Romanceable by: Sith Warrior male characters & Sith Warrior female characters (Male characters who had already started a romance with Jaesa can continue it when they re-unite with her after Ossus, female characters can start a new romance with Jaesa.)

Can you marry Lana beniko?

You have to play the story to marry Lana, completing the FP while not advancing the traitor arc story will not give you the cutscene to propose to Lana. If you have skiped directly from the end of KOTET to Ossus whithout doing the traitor arc you’ll not be able to propose though.

Who are all the Sith inquisitors in SWTOR?

Sith Inquisitor (Female) Andronikos Revel (Sith Inquisitor female only) Khem Val, Ossus (Sith Inquisitor only) Lana Beniko (All) Theron Shan (All) Koth Vortena (All) Arcann (All) Eva Kaayz (All Imperial, CZ-198 single-planet romance) Urtel Moren ( Sith Inquisitor female only, Alderaan single-planet romance)

Who are the SWTOR romances in Star Wars?

Lemda Avesta (All Republic, Makeb single-planet romance) Jedi Knight (Female) Doc (Jedi Knight female only) Kira Carsen, post-Onslaught (Jedi Knight only) Lord Scourge, post-Onslaught (Jedi Knight only)

Who are the female bounty hunters in SWTOR?

1 Torian (Female Only) 2 Lana Beniko (All) 3 Theron Shan (All) 4 Koth Vortena (All) 5 Arcann (All) 6 Eva Kaayz (All Imperial, CZ-198 single-planet romance) 7 Raffid (Bounty Hunter female only, Alderaan single-planet romance) 8 Colonel Harok (All Imperial female only, Nar Shaddaa single-planet romance)

Are there male and female companions in Star Wars?

All classes have at least one male and one female companion that has the potential to become attracted to the player of the opposite sex. Some classes (such as the Smuggler and the Imperial Agent) have one or two other companions that could also have the same feelings, which leads to jealousy with some companions, and more exciting story lines.

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