Is connexus and aqua finance the same?

Is connexus and aqua finance the same?

Though your loan was purchased by Connexus, your loan payments will still be made to Aqua Finance. View your payment options to get started.

What is Aqua Finance?

We offer great financing programs for a variety of industries including Home Improvement, Remodeling, Roofing, Siding, HVAC, Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Energy Efficiency, Portable Buildings, Garages, Pools, Patios, Landscaping, Storm Shelters, plus Recreational Products (Marine, RV, Powersports), and more.

Does Aqua Finance have an app?

‎Aqua Finance Apps on the App Store.

How do I cancel Aqua Finance?

What is the Right-to-Cancel period? The right-to-cancel period is required for all in-home sales. This is a three business day period in which a customer can choose to cancel the transaction by signing the document and returning it to the dealership.

Where is Aqua Finance enrollment token?

Your enrollment token is located in the bottom left hand corner of your billing statement. It is a series of 10 capital letters.

Can I pay my aqua bill online?

Welcome to Aqua Water Supply online payment center. Paying your bill has now become even easier. We have enhanced our online payment process to better serve our members. Pay with your credit/debit card or directly from your checking account.

Can you pay Aqua Finance with a credit card?

We accept checks and money orders for payment in full on your loan. We do not accept credit cards to pay in full at this time, but you may contact your credit card company to a cut a check directly to us to satisfy your loan. Please contact our customer service department for pay-off information.

Can you pay Aqua over the phone?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to pay your monthly Aqua credit card statement. If you’d like to know more about paying by Direct Debit, give us a call on 0333 220 2691*.

How do I pay my aqua bill?

You can pay your Aqua water bill using a credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Discover) or by check by calling Speedpay toll free at 866.269. 2906.

What is Aqua online payment?

When we receive a Payment Instruction, you authorize us to debit your bank account and obtain funds on your behalf. In using Aqua Online Bill Payment Service, you are requesting the system to make payments for you from your bank account.

What bank is aqua card?

Your Aqua card is issued by NewDay. If the name sounds familiar it’s because NewDay are one of the UK’s largest providers of consumer finance. NewDay has a really simple goal – to help people get better with credit.

What is Aqua highest credit limit?

The maximum initial credit limit is £1,200, although if you handle your card sensibly Aqua may increase this pretty quickly. Extra features can also help you understand your credit score, and make every monthly payment.

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