Is Heywood Wakefield furniture valuable?

Is Heywood Wakefield furniture valuable?

Unlike Duncan Phyfe furniture or Eastlake furniture styles which have their own collecting following in the antiques market, Heywood Wakefield furniture from the circa 1930s to the 1970s is popular and valuable with today’s collectors of modern and mid century modern furniture internationally.

How much is an antique rocking chair worth?

Antique rustic rocking chairs in good condition are worth between $400—$1,600. Whether you plan on appraising your rocker to sell or just want to know the value for yourself, we recommend consulting a professional antique appraiser. Your antique rocking chair value might shock you—but family heirlooms can be priceless!

Is Heywood Wakefield still in business?

And good news — Heywood-Wakefield is still being made today. We recently connected with Leonard Riforgiato, who, with his partner, bought the rights to the Heywood-Wakefield name in 1991 and revived production of the brand. Together they began recreating some of the hardest-to-find vintage styles.

Is Heywood-Wakefield solid wood?

All of today’s Heywood-Wakefield furniture is American-grown and American-made from 100 percent Northern Yellow Birch, the same wood used for the company’s highly-sought vintage furniture. Our furniture is made of solid wood.

What is Heywood-Wakefield made of?

All of today’s Heywood-Wakefield furniture is American-grown and American-made from 100 percent Northern Yellow Birch, the same wood used for the company’s highly-sought vintage furniture.

Where is Heywood-Wakefield located?

Gardner, Massachusetts
The Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex is a historic factory complex at 206 Central Street in Gardner, Massachusetts. The complex, located at the corner of Central and Elm in West Gardner, has its origins in a chair manufacturing business established in 1826 by the Heywood brothers.

How do I find out how much an antique is worth?

“In addition to online services and search engines, it is possible to find out how much your antiques are worth by simply asking an antique dealer or an appraiser at an auction house, for instance,” Martin says.

How do you tell if a chair is an antique?

Markings of an antique chair You can get an indication of when a piece was made by looking at the markings of the manufacturer on antique chairs. Furthermore, there may even be dates indicating what year a piece was manufactured. Many antique furniture makers would use paper or metal labels on their finished pieces.

Where can I find vintage Heywood Wakefield furniture?

Hopefully, you can use some of these clues to identify a vintage Heywood-Wakefield piece. If you need additional assistance, the best source is an antiques or vintage furniture dealer. These experts are excellent resources, and if you approach one who can’t help, they should be able to direct you to another local professional who can.

When did Heywood Brothers change their name to Wakefield?

These two companies merged in 1897 as Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company; the name was changed again in 1921 to the now familiar name Heywood-Wakefield. The company purchased another rival maker of wicker style furniture, Lloyd Manufacturing Company, the same year.

When did Heywood Wakefield make dog biscuit chairs?

1950s Heywood-Wakefield “Dog Biscuit” dining chairs, set of 8 Offered for sale is a set of eight “Dog Biscuit” dining chairs by Heywood-Wakefield c1950’s. The set is comprised of This unusual set of four Heywood Wakefield dining chairs were manufactured from 1937-1942 and are considered to be their early streamlined modern Art Deco period.

What kind of drawer Glide did Heywood Wakefield use?

The drawers of earlier Heywood-Wakefield case goods were separated by plywood dust barriers. These were replaced by Masonite barriers sometime in the 1960s. The drawer-glides were “dog-eared” solid wood strips attached at both ends with a small flat-head Phillips screw.

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