What airline is prefix 549?

What airline is prefix 549?

Aerolineas Brasileiras

Airline Code Airline Name Prefix
Aerolineas Brasileiras 549
SU Aeroflot 555
PS Ukraine International 566
UL SriLankan Airlines 603

What is an airline prefix?

Airline prefix is a three-digits identificatior by every airline, approved by IATA and ICAO and standing in the beginning of each Airwaybill. Each prefix corresponds to IATA/ICAO code accordingly.

What airline is prefix 172?

Cargolux Airlines International
De routering van de e-AWB’s vindt plaats op basis van de prefix van de airwaybill of op de code van de first carrier (de luchtvaartmaatschappij waarmee de vluchtroute gaat beginnen)….Airline Code Page.

Prefix 172
2 Letter Code CV
3 letter code CLX
Handler WFS
Arline Cargolux Airlines International

What is the prefix ET for air way Bill?

Airline name for Air Way Bill prefix ET 071. Starting with CX 160 which airlines? AWB CP 018 starting with? Airline code CA 999 stands for? AZ 055 starting with which airlines? Airlines 5X 406 starting with? 7C 575 AWB starting with which airlines? Airway Bill D5 992 starting with? Airlines starting with AA 001? Airline name AS 027 starting with?

Which is IATA prefix and two letter code?

The most comprehensive list of IATA Air Waybill Prefix and two letters code for virtually all operational airlines. Please sign up for the most comprehensive educational, informative articles as well as important Air-Ocean freight forwarding industry news updates.

Which is the airline with the prefix AA?

Airline Name Prefix Code 1 American Airline 001 AA 2 Air Canada 014 AC 3 Alitalia Cargo 055 AZ 4 Air France 057 AF 5 Air Setchelles 061 HM 6 Air New Zealand 086 NZ 7 Air India 098 AI 8 Finnair 105 AY 9 Air Jamaica 201 JM

What does the prefix AF stand for in airline codes?

Prefix codes of Airlines starts with … AF 057 stands for which airlines? The code ZP 463 is meant for which airlines? What is the name of airlines for WY 910? Prefix TG 217 for which airlines? Airline prefix SQ 618 stands for? The prefix QR 157 meant for which airlines? What is the name of airlines for prefix NZ 086? What is MH 232?

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