What kind of workloads can ECS be used for?

What kind of workloads can ECS be used for?

Deployable as a turnkey appliance or in a software-defined model, ECS delivers rich S3-compatibility on a globally distributed architecture, empowering organizations to support enterprise workloads such as cloud-native, archive, IoT, AI, and big data analytics applications at scale.

When did ECS Tuning become a parts company?

By the 1990s, the parts department in the old building had grown to a point where computers were needed to manage inventory, update price changes, and track sales. The evolution from Euro-Car-a repair and parts business-to ECS Tuning, a vendor of performance parts and accessories seems inevitable in retrospect.

Why do we need ECS for object storage?

An enterprise-ready platform, ECS enables organizations to simplify object storage management, visualize information in new ways, and empower the business to do more with data, all at a lower total-cost-of-ownership.

How is ECS used in the public cloud?

ECS has been purpose-built to store unstructured data at public cloud scale with the reliability and control of a private cloud. Capable of scaling to exabytes and beyond, ECS empowers organizations to manage a globally distributed storage infrastructure under a single global namespace with anywhere access to content.

What makes ECS the best object storage system?

ECS features rich S3 compatibility and multiprotocol interoperability, making it the ideal modern data lake. When combined with the extreme performance of the new EXF900 appliances, your organization can fuel the next wave of data-hungry AI, machine learning, IoT, analytics and cloud-native applications. Best of all, ECS is a system you can trust.

What can ECS do for Verizon labs?

ECS enables Verizon Labs engineers to focus on application development without worrying about data management. With hits like “Avatar”, Lightstorm Entertainment is pushing the threshold of cinematic innovation and generating vast amounts of data.

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