When was Global Insight acquired by IHS Markit?

When was Global Insight acquired by IHS Markit?

The Economics & Country Risk business unit at IHS Markit brings together the deep country and industry forecasts, insights, proprietary databases, daily analysis and long-term outlooks of its foundational companies, beginning with Global Insight, which IHS Markit acquired in 2008. Global Insight founded the modern economic forecasting industry.

Who is Global Insight and what does it do?

Global Insight founded the modern economic forecasting industry. It originated through the merger of Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (WEFA) and Data Resources Inc (DRI), together with Primark Decision Economics (later called Decision Economics, Inc.).

What was the producer price index for August 2019?

09/11/2019. The Producer Price Index for final demand rose 0.1 percent in August, as prices for final demand services advanced 0.3 percent, and the index for final demand goods fell 0.5 percent. The final demand index increased 1.8 percent for the 12 months ended in August.

Where can I find the Medicare Economic Index?

Global Insight/DRI-WEFA study on hospital wages (This paper is copyright 2002 by Global Insight, Inc. All rights to these data are retained by Global Insight, Inc. and may not be copied or reused without their permission.) The Medicare Economic Index: Its Background and Beginnings, September 1981, volume 3, number 1, Page 137

What does IHS Markit say about the construction market?

We provide accurate and timely data, analysis, research and economic insight into current and future construction market conditions to inform strategy. We provide 15-year outlooks across the global construction market with a deep dive into the US market from the national and state-level down to the metro-level.

How does the IHS Markit global carbon index work?

IHS Markit Global Carbon Index launch announced. By creating a single price for the world’s largest and most liquid carbon markets, the Global Carbon Index reduces barriers for investment in climate solutions and creates a new asset class for carbon for corporations, investors and financial services firms.

What can IHS Markit connect do for You?

IHS Markit Connect: Our online delivery platform, for fast, easy access to analysis, data and forecasts. Our intuitive interface and workflow tools allow you to: IHS Markit Connect® Data Browser : Simple data searching and discovery, charting, downloading and saving for future use.

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