How do I delete my YesStyle account?

How do I delete my YesStyle account?

How To Delete YesStyle Account

  1. Open your email account that is registered with the application.
  2. Now compose an email and enter the email address [email protected].
  3. On Subject Type “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

Does YesStyle steal your info?

When you place orders or access your account information, a secure server is employed. YesStyle cannot be and is not responsible for unauthorised access to information by hackers or others who have obtained such access through illegal measures. “Phishing” is a scam designed to steal your personal information.

Is YesStyle a Chinese company?

Description: Promising “thousands of fashion and lifestyle items from brands across Asia,” YesStyle is based in Hong Kong and actually has a decent social media following.

Where is YesStyle based?

Hong Kong
About YesStyle YesStyle is a Asian beauty and fashion retailer that offers clothing, accessories and lifestyle products from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. The company is based in Hong Kong.

Can you cancel orders on YesStyle?

First, YesStyle does not allow for item or order cancellation once it has been placed. You might already know all or most of these but here are a few recommendations to help out. Carefully review each item to confirm it’s what you are looking for before you put it in your cart.

Are YesStyle shoes good?

The products are exactly as advertised, they don’t present any factory issues, and now, after months and months of wearing, are almost as good as new! The shoes do present some difference from when they were new, but they are shoes! They always get some damage.

Is YesStyle legit 2020?

The website has over 300 fashion brands from Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong, Shipping beauty, fashion and lifestyle products to over 70 countries and territories across the globe. With a clear established presence in e-commerce, shoppers can rest assured that YesStyle is a legit company and definitely not a scam.

Is YesStyle good or bad?

According to YesStyle reviewers, YesStyle is a trusted and reliable source for Asian brands, with many shoppers being repeat customers. The best reviews come from those who purchase Korean beauty and skincare products, while negative reviews tend to be from those buying clothing and accessories.

Are YesStyle products authentic?

Yesstyle sells authentic k-beauty brands for one. Based on positive YesStyle reviews from shoppers on Trustpilot, it appears that YesStyle follows a similar process with their Korean beauty products, as one shopper after the next echoes that all of their products are “authentic,” despite their low prices.

Is YesStyle popular in Korea?

YesStyle is the opportune spot for people looking for the best Korean fashion. Nevertheless, with extremely low estimated product choices, the Korean fashion web-based shopping website offers a ton of limits in practically the entirety of their postings.

How is the customer service at

Yesstyle is a great shop with an incredible number of products at fair prices. In case of a problem, I was helped very quickly and directly by the customer service. Thank you very much for that. They have fabulous clothing on there website and the prices are really good.

How to check your order status on YesStyle?

To view order details and delivery status, please indicate your order type. For orders placed by YesStyle members, please sign in to your YesStyle Account. For orders placed by Guests, please input the email address you used, and the order number provided on the confirmation email that you received.

Is the clothing from legit?

I honestly was surprised with how legit YesStyle is- the clothing certainly runs small due to the eastern sizing, but the shipping to the US is surprisingly fast and everything has been as described. I buy most of my skincare and makeup on here now

How does the YesStyle rewards program work for You?

When your followers make a purchase at using your Rewards Code, you will receive a percentage of the sale in Rewards Credit. You can use Rewards Credit towards future YesStyle orders, or you can choose to cash out once you’ve accumulated at least US$ 200 in Rewards Credit. Who qualifies for the YesStyle Influencer Program?

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