How many MiG 21s were shot down in Vietnam?

How many MiG 21s were shot down in Vietnam?

seven MiG 21s
In a swirling 15-minute dogfight, the Phantoms shot down seven MiG 21s—almost half of the total possessed by North Vietnam—with no loss of F-4s.

How many f4 Phantoms were lost in Vietnam?

761 F
When combined with U.S. Navy and Marine Corps losses of 233 Phantoms, 761 F-4/RF-4 Phantoms were lost in the Vietnam War. On 28 August 1972, Captain Steve Ritchie became the first USAF ace of the war.

Did the NVA have planes?

The Americans had at least 200 USAF F-4s and 140 USAF F-105s, plus at least 100 U.S. Navy aircraft (F-8s, A-4s and F-4s) which operated from the aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin, plus scores of other support aircraft. The Americans had a multiple numerical advantage.

Did the f4 have guns?

Early F-4’s had no fixed gun, but this was corrected after combat experience in Vietnam showed the need for one. Over 5000 were built, making the F-4 one of the most numerous modern combat aircraft. Many are still in service.

What was the name of the 22nd Bomb Group?

Tom Hall has advised that it was the 143rd one built and that # 40-1363 was the third Martin B-26 built. The 22nd Bomb Group had a number of the first production and prototype B-26’s. The 22nd Bomb Group was constituted on 22 December 1939 and activated on 1 February 1940. They moved to Langley in the summer of 1941.

When did the 22nd Bomb Wing lose its 2nd Bomb Squadron?

The 22nd lost its 486th Bomb Squadron in 1971 and it’s 2nd Bomb Squadron. With it’s B-52s long gone, the days of the Red Raiders were history. The 22nd was redesignated the 22d Air Refueling Wing on September 1, 1991.

Where was the headquarters of the 22nd Bomb Wing?

The 22nd Wing’s headquarters was non-operational and its components. detached. It moved to March AFB, California on May 10, 1949. It was not operational, so it shared a commander with the First Fighter Wing.

When did the 22nd Bomb Wing convert to B52 bombers?

The wing was not tactically operational 11 March 11, to September 15,1963, while converting to B�52 bombers and KC�135 tankers. It supported Fifteenth Air Force�s post-attack command and control system with EC�135s from September1964 to March 1970.. The 22d was a “super” wing, 1966�1971, with two bombardment and two tanker squadrons.

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