How do I print a configuration page on Canon imageRUNNER?

How do I print a configuration page on Canon imageRUNNER?

  1. Load Letter size paper in the multi-purpose tray or paper drawer.
  2. Make sure that the printer is online (the Online indicator is on).
  3. Press [ ] ( Utility).
  4. Select [Configuration Page] or [Network Status Print] using [ ] or [ ], and then press [OK].
  5. Select [Yes] using [ ], and then press [OK] to print Status Print.

Where are Canon printer settings?

Right-click the icon of the printer whose settings you want to specify → click [Printing Preferences]. Specify the desired settings in the printer driver screen → click [OK]. Click each tab and specify the desired items. The [Basic Settings] tab comprises a few of the basic settings of the driver.

How do I connect my Canon imageRUNNER advance?

Press (Settings/Registration) <Bluetooth Settings> set to . Start Canon PRINT Business on the mobile device. Configure the mobile device to enable the use of Bluetooth settings. Approach the machine with the mobile device.

How to print a configuration page on a canon imageRUNNER advance c5045?

To print a configuration page on a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5045 copier: – Press the Main Menu button (in the upper left corner of the operation panel; it has an icon of a house on it). – On the touch screen, select Printer. – Select Print Server Status/Settings. – Select Functions (in the lower right corner).

Is there a configurator for the canon imageRUNNER?

Canon imageRUNNER and imageRUNNER ADVANCE ConfiguratorUse this tool to explore the series and customize configurations based on specific needs. Next

Why do I need a canon imageRUNNER advance 6200?

This is to make Misc appear on the page when needed. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6200 Series transforms workflow from a sequence of individual processes to an integrated flow of shared information. A center for digital communications, this Series will propel your business to new levels of performance and productivity.

Is the canon ImageRunner advance 2nd Edition compatible?

This guide supports the 2nd Edition of this product. Before you read this manual: If you find this manual from web search results, please confirm from the following URL that it is the appropriate manual.

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