How use Topas command in AIX?

How use Topas command in AIX?

Description. The topas command reports selected statistics about the activity on the local system. The command displays its output in a format suitable for viewing on an 80×25 character-based display. When you specify a single flag, the topas command will take that value and the other values will be the default values.

What is logical CPU in AIX?

Logical Processors (LP) are created automatically by AIX, depending on the SMT setting. ———————— SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) SMT permits multiple independent threads to be executed on a CPU core to better utilize its resources. IBM Power processors supports SMT technology since Power 5 (SMT2).

What is Topas AIX?

The topas command collects a set of metrics from AIX® partitions that are running on the same hardware platform. Dedicated and shared partitions are displayed, and a set of aggregated values provide an overview of the entire hardware systems partition set.

What is Topas command in Unix?

The topas command reports selected statistics about the activity on the local system. The command uses the curses library to display its output in a format suitable for viewing on an 80×25 character-based display or in a window of at least the same size on a graphical display.

How many cores do I have AIX?

Re: How to get Physical processor count on AIX See the output of the prtconf command. The ‘number of processors’ gives you the actual number of physical CPUs installed and active. You have 12 cores active and 3 CPUs, so each CPU has 4 cores.

How can I tell if AIX server is physical or virtual?

In Aix try using lscfg on a known virtual machine and you may be able to find that the CPU information hints that the computer is virtual.

How do you analyze an NMON report?

To execute the analyser on an NMON output file, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that Microsoft Excel is configured to allow macro execution.
  2. Open the NMON Analyser workbook in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Click a button on the front sheet labeled ‘Analyse nmon data.
  4. A file-open dialogue will be presented.

What is top command in AIX?

entstat – Displays the statistics gathered by the specified Ethernet device driver. iostat – Statistics for ttys, disks and cpu. ipcs – Status of interprocess communication facilities. lsps – Statistics about paging space. netstat – Shows network status.

How to fix missing paths in Aix lspath?

Reviewing disk paths, I found some paths showing as Missing and some enabled on the same fscsi To correct this situation we will remove the path and recognize again. Check if there is a disk with only one path Remove one path, run cfgmgr. Remove the other one and run cfgmgr

What can the lspath command do for a device?

The lspath command displays one of two types of information about paths to an MPIO capable device. It either displays the operational status for one or more paths to a single device, or it displays one or more attributes for a single path to a single MPIO capable device.

Which is the new command in AIX 7.1 Tl3?

In AIX 7.1 TL3 a new command: lsmpio, has been introduced. This command is similar to lspath, but displays additional information about the MPIO storage devices. Every MPIO-capable device must provide a unique identifier that allows the device to be distinguished from any other device in the system. It is called UDID .

Can you use lsmpio command on AIX MPIO?

This command can be used only for AIX MPIO storage devices that are controlled by path-control modules (PCMs) that are enabled for the lsmpio command support. Some AIX® MPIO storage devices do not support the lsmpio command queries. However, all AIX MPIO storage devices support Path operational status queries.

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