Where is the question mark butterfly found?

Where is the question mark butterfly found?

The question mark is found throughout most of the eastern U.S. and southern Canada, south to north central Florida and the northern Gulf states, and west to Arizona, eastern Wyoming and Colorado (Minno et al. 2005, Opler & Krizek 1984, Opler et al 2009). It also occurs into central Mexico (Scott 1986).

What does it mean when you see a question mark butterfly?

As an adult butterfly, the question mark seeks out rotting fruit, tree sap, dung, or carrion as food sources. Only when these are unavailable do question marks visit flowers for nectar.

What does a question mark butterfly eat?

Upon maturity, adult question mark butterflies will feed on rotting fruit, tree sap, carrion, and animal waste. Only if these are unavailable do they feed on milkweed and asters. Some adults will stay in the northern United States to hibernate, while others will migrate south.

Are question mark butterflies poisonous?

This caterpillar is just a little over an inch. Full grown caterpillars can reach 1 1/4 inches. Yellow, orange of black spines cover the caterpillar offering it protection from predators. The spines are not venomous.

Where does the question mark butterfly live in the wild?

Polygonia interrogationis, the question mark, is a North American nymphalid butterfly. It lives in wooded areas, city parks, generally in areas with a combination of trees and open space.

When do question mark butterflies emerge from hibernation?

Winter adults can hibernate in warmer climates, and emerge on warm, sunny days. Shown in the image below are the markings on the underside of the Question Mark butterfly that give it the name.

What kind of food does a question mark butterfly eat?

A silver curved line and adjacent dot form what appears as a question mark. They resemble dry, dead leaves with their wings closed. Host plants used by the Question Mark are hops, elm, hackberry,and nettle. Adult food sources include sap, mud, fruit, dung, and carrion.

What kind of butterfly is black with a question mark?

Like the question mark, the eastern comma butterfly comes in both summer and winter forms. Again, the summer form has dark, nearly black hindwings. When viewed from above, eastern commas are orange and brown with black spots.

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