Is Volo Auto Museum open for business?

Is Volo Auto Museum open for business?

We are open daily 10 – 5, all exhibits and Show Biz are open.

How much does it cost to get into the Volo Auto Museum?

A: The museum admission is only $15.00 for adults, $13.00 for seniors and $9.00 for children 5 – 12. Military free in uniform or $13.00 out of uniform, with ID. Admission includes access to all areas of the museum, we do not up-charge. Parking is free.

Who owns Volo car Museum?

Bill Grams
The Volo Auto Museum is still a family-run business with three generations involved, including Bill Grams’ daughter, Lisa Santiago, and his nephews Brian and Jay Grams. Brian Grams is museum director.

Where is Volo house of cars located?

Based in Chicago and built on 35 acres of land, the Volo Auto Museum began in 1960 as a junk and antique resale shop owned by William Grams. The Grams family works to restore and resell classic cars and “Volo, House of Cars” focuses on Brian and Jay Grams as they search for hidden gems.

Is there a car museum in Volo Il?

Visited June 2018 Established in 1960 by the Grams family, the Volo Auto Museum is an automobile museum and collector car dealer in the Chicago suburb of Volo, Illinois, USA.

Is there a military discount at the Volo museum?

Most museums in the Chicago area award discounts to the entire military family, let alone the spouse. I think the Volo Auto Museum could afford to give the $3 discount for the adult ticket and acknowledge military families.

How much does it cost to buy a Volo?

Monthly Estimate based on a 4.4% rate for 60 months, $24,998 vehicle price, $0 down payment, $0 trade-in, $0 sales tax. Responded to only one if my questions in the email. 8bguess the other one wasn’t important or they didn’t read my email in it’s entirety.

How many miles does a Volo Shaker have?

Coming Soon! 4,000 actual miles 5.4L -500 hp supercharged, 5-speed. Shaker 1,000 stereo. 5,482 actual miles. Limited Edition, loaded. Limited edition like Eleanor! 1 owner, 8,726 miles. Super charged. Only 10,500 original miles on this Spicy Meatball.

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