What can Liquor and Gaming NSW do?

What can Liquor and Gaming NSW do?

Liquor and Gaming NSW is accountable for the development, implementation and integrity of the overall regulatory framework across alcohol, licenced clubs, charitable fundraising and gambling activities in NSW.

What is the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority?

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority is a statutory decision-maker responsible for a range of casino, liquor, registered club and gaming machine regulatory functions including determining licensing and disciplinary matters under the gaming and liquor legislation.

Do I need a liquor license for a private party NSW?

In general, the NSW liquor licensing law requires any person or organisation selling alcohol to others to have a license to do so. These include on-going licences and licences for one-off events.

Which pieces of legislation regulate liquor in NSW?

The Liquor Act 2007 (the Act) is the primary legislation for regulating the sale and supply of alcohol in NSW. The Liquor Regulation 2008 supports the Act and provides the statutory framework for a number of requirements, including RSA training.

What do you need to know about liquor and Gaming NSW?

To work in the liquor and gaming industry in NSW, you need to undertake training. NSW has a tiered industry training framework so that you complete the relevant training as required by your role.

How to contact office of liquor and Gaming Regulation?

Check the contact details of our business units and regional offices. Explore OLGR’s organisational structure. Read more about our laws and policies, including recent or proposed changes to liquor and gambling-related legislation.

Where can I find liquor licence information in NSW?

Open/Close the accordion for the Community & stakeholders links. View the status of liquor and gaming related licence applications in NSW. Gives you a customised view of your liquor licence information, making it easier to maintain liquor licence details and lodge new online applications.

Are there restrictions on gaming in Western Australia?

Relevant legislation for the liquor industry. Some restrictions apply in areas of Western Australia. Permits, guides and information for gaming activities in Western Australia. Renewing and applying for licences, permits, conditions including fees and charges.

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