How many BMW M3 were produced?

How many BMW M3 were produced?

Although BMW promised to build approximately 100 cars, BMW never released the production numbers of M3 Lightweights built. However, it is estimated that approximately 125 were built.

How many E36 M3 sedans were made?

1,252 E36 M3 sedans
Therefore, a total of 1,252 E36 M3 sedans produced for the US and Canadian markets received the lower-grade Montana leather from the normal E36 3 Series and a “leather credit” refund (listed as Option Code S996A on the build sheet) of several hundred dollars was applied to their MSRP.

How many BMW M3 e30s were made?

Only 600. models of the BMW M3 Sport Evolution were made – making the most powerful series E30 of all time one of the rarest and therefore most coveted classic cars.

How many versions of the BMW M3 are there?

The BMW M3 E36 3.0 had a total of eight production versions. Of which three versions were standard production that included the European sedan and convertible models, and the remaining three were limited editions made for the European and United States market.

What kind of car is 1999 BMW E36 M3?

The vehicle offered for sale is a meticulously maintained 1999 BMW E36 M3 with 74,000 miles. It is finished in Cosmos Schwarz Metallic with an anthracite black interior. A two-owner US-spec car, this M3 has been well maintained and lovingly driven by its current owner for the last four years.

When did the BMW M3 Evolution II come out?

1988 – The M3 “Evolution II” appeared in Europe with revised spoilers and bigger wheels and tires. The engine was massage with increased compression, a revised air intake, and tweaked engine management software. These cars are easily identified by their valve covers, which feature three painted stripes of the BMW M livery.

What was the story of the BMW M3?

The story of the BMW M3 starts in the demanding and unforgiving world of motorsport. BMW wanted a car that could compete in DTM and that would meet the FIA’s Group A regulations. The company settled on their E30 platform as the basis of the new race car.

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