Will Iris hub still work?

Will Iris hub still work?

Although Lowes has retired the IRIS smart hub service, First Alert’s IRIS-enabled models will still continue to provide smoke and CO detection for your home. Your safety is our top concern.

What is an Iris Smart Hub?

OVERVIEW. Iris Smart Hub is the heart of the Iris network, keeping you in touch with connected devices in your home. By connecting your array of Iris compatible smart products you can access and control them all from the Iris app.

What happened to Lowes Iris?

In an update to the Iris site this week, Lowe’s confirmed that Iris would be shutting down on March 31, 2019. That means the Iris hub will cease to work, along with the related services and macros that users may have configured. Iris subscribers will cease to be charged from January 31, 2019.

What hub is compatible with Iris?

Thirteen (13) different smart home products from Iris have been reported as being compatible with Aeotec Smart Home Hub and the SmartThings gateway platform.

Is Iris by Lowe’s shutting down?

Instead, the home improvement-focused retail chain is shutting the service down on March 31st, 2019 and advising all Iris users to kindly avoid taking their no-longer-functioning products back to a Lowe’s store.

Is Alexa compatible with Iris?

Iris Smart Plug, Zigbee, Works with Alexa. Lowe’s Iris system for home control now lets you adjust lights and temperature using the Amazon Echo, and your voice. “Alexa, set the lamp to 35 percent. And here’s how you connect your Iris system to your Echo.

Does Lowes Iris still work?

In January 2019 Lowe’s announced they would be exiting the Smart Home business and shutting down IRIS on March 31st, 2019. While most of these shutdowns result in customers being left out, Lowe’s made some effort to right the situation, by offering refunds to customers through a redemption process.

Is Iris compatible with Alexa?

Lowe’s Iris system for home control now lets you adjust lights and temperature using the Amazon Echo, and your voice.

What can I substitute for Iris?

Alternatives smart home products you can use to replace Iris TP-Link’s Kasa is one such alternative, which is generally fairly budget-friendly. Belkin’s WeMo is another great alternative for all-in-one systems, and Philips Hue is always great for automating your home’s lighting.

What is Iris plug?

How do you set up Iris plugs?

In order to do this, unplug the Iris Smart Plug, hold down the button and plug it back in while continuing to hold the button. When the light first comes on, release the button and you should now be in pairing mode. Open the ‘Connect New Device’ screen and it should instantly find the Iris Smart Plug.

How do I connect my Iris smart Switch to wifi?

How does the iris hub work at Lowes?

Iris Smart Hub allows you to set up a wireless home security network and control Iris-compatible smart products through the Iris by Lowe’s App on your iOS or Android Can be paired with over 80 devices, including lights, thermostats, sensors and more to create your ideal home atmosphere

How much is the iris Smart Home Hub?

The entire Iris system is still tied to an alpha-numeric code on the rear of the Iris Smart Hub ($49.99). Once synced to your home network, adding compatible devices is a snap. Let’s get started.

How to set up Lowe’s Iris smart home system?

Step 9: Power the actual device, name and take a picture of it as you did above with the Iris hub. Now you’re synced to the hub. We added both a motion sensor and a smart plug, and each took only around a minute or two to successfully sync. All-in-all, easy peasy. Now, about those monthly fees…..

Is the iris smart home compatible with Alexa?

Part of the hub’s attraction is in its wide range of compatibility with Zigbee and Z-Wave radio-enabled devices. The device is also compatible with digital assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as standard smart home protocols including Zigbee, Z-Wave, Lutron, LAN, and cloud-connected smart home devices.

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