What are the symptoms of a calcaneal stress fracture?

What are the symptoms of a calcaneal stress fracture?

The signs and symptoms of stress fractures may include: Generalized pain in the heel area that usually develops slowly (over several days to weeks)…Signs and Symptoms of Calcaneal Fractures

  • Sudden pain in the heel and inability to bear weight on that foot.
  • Swelling in the heel area.
  • Bruising of the heel and ankle.

How long does it take for a calcaneal stress fracture to heal?

Calcaneal stress fracture recovery time Generally, we suggest 6 weeks in a boot followed by 6 weeks of a slow and progressive return to running. However, return to full fitness after a heel stress fracture may take up to 6 months.

How do you treat a calcaneal stress fracture?

If a calcaneal stress fracture is diagnosed, partial weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing with a boot for four to eight weeks is recommended. After that, a gradual return to activity can be guided by pain level. Most stress fractures will heal with conservative management, and surgery is rarely needed.

Can you walk on a fractured calcaneus?

With some minor calcaneus fractures, the pain may not be enough to prevent you from walking — but you may limp. This is because your Achilles tendon acts through the calcaneus to support your body weight.

Can a heel stress fracture heal on its own?

Stress fractures generally heal on their own with simple measures, such as avoiding activities that put stress on the area. In some cases, however, surgery is needed to help the fracture heal properly. Many stress fractures occur in the foot or lower leg.

How long does a bruised calcaneus take to heal?

Either way, the bruise can cause pain whenever you take a step. A bruised heel can take one to three weeks to heal. If you’ve also bruised the heel bone, it may take up to six weeks for you to recover.

How do you treat a calcaneus fracture?

Treatment for a calcaneus injury may include rest and elevation. A sprain to the ankle ligaments may create excessive stress on the calcaneus. An ice pack may help ease pain and swelling associated with a sprained calceaneus. Rest and casting are typically enough to allow a calcaneus fracture to heal.

What is the recovery time for calcaneus bone fracture?

Calcaneal Fracture Prognosis. Because they can be pretty severe, breaks of the calcaneus take quite a bit of time to heal. Recovery time is about the same for conservative and surgical patients. It takes about 10 to 12 weeks for the bone to fully heal. During this time period patients will be expected to be non-weight bearing.

How should we treat calcaneal fractures?

Some calcaneal fractures can be treated by manipulating the foot while a patient is under anesthesia, but not involving surgery. This procedure is called closed reduction. If such a procedure does not treat the fracture or if the fracture is more extensive, then surgery may be required (called an open reduction).

Can a calcaneal fracture heal itself?

There is also a very high percentage chance of long-term subtalar joint arthritis that can result as a result of a calcaneal stress fracture with displacement. The stress fracture will eventually heal on its own if you keep weight off it, but you can do these things to make it heal faster and prevent one from even coming back.

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