How do I fix Apache shutdown unexpectedly?

How do I fix Apache shutdown unexpectedly?

This is how I did it.

  1. Open the XAMPP control panel.
  2. Click on Config.
  3. Then, go into Apache httpd. conf file. Open it with a text editor.
  4. Search for “80” (Do Ctrl + F and find all of them. Replace it with 8080 or 4040 or 4000).
  5. Save the file. And restart XAMPP.

How do I fix attempting to start Apache?

22 Answers

  1. Find out the Apache version you are using, you can find this by looking in Services (Control panel, Admin Tools, Services) and finding Apache in my case it was listed as Apache2.4.
  2. Close XAMPP.
  3. Run cmd as admin.
  4. execute ‘sc delete “Apache2.
  5. execute ‘sc delete “mySQL”‘, again remove the ” when you type it.

Can not start Apache XAMPP?

The most common cause for the XAMPP Apache server not starting issue is because the default port no 80 may already be in use by another program like Skype, Teamviewer etc. Shankar Paul said his new XAMPP Apache was not working. He had got the below message from XAMPP which says the Port 80 in use by another program.

How do I fix MySQL shutdown unexpectedly?

How to fix MySQL shutdown unexpectedly

  1. Rename the folder xampp/ mysql/data to xampp mysql/data_bk.
  2. Create a new folder xampp/mysql/data.
  3. Copy the content that resides in xampp/ mysql/backup to the new mysql/data folder.
  4. Copy all your database folders that are in xampp mysql/data_bk to xampp/ mysql/data.

How do you fix apache will not start without the configured ports free?

Apache WILL NOT start without the configured ports free! Quickest Solution to the Problem is, Quit Skype and relaunch the Xampp Control Panel or As a Permanent Solution You can reconfigure Apache and the Xampp Control Panel to listen on a Different Port.

Why Apache server is not working?

first go to in configure httpd. conf folder in apache and open change the port value 80 instead of 8080 ( two place u need to check in code ) . then go to services (click ur start button and type this in ” search programs and file “) and then search for “Web Deployment Agent Service”and stop it.

How do I unblock a port in Apache?

Go to the Control Panel and launch “Windows Firewall” Go to “Advanced Settings” Select “Inbound Rules” in the left pane Select “New Rule” in the right pane In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, select “Port” as Rule Type, then click on “Next” Select “TCP and put “80” (and any other ports you want to open) in “Specific local …

What causes MySQL shutdown unexpectedly?

In short, MySQL shutdown unexpectedly can occur due to server-side errors. The most obvious reasons are missing configuration, corrupted file, port changes, improper shutdown, etc.

Why does MySQL shutdown unexpectedly?

The XAMPP error “MySQL shutdown unexpectedly”. We say “unexpectedly”, because you can manually shut down the MySQL database software at any point. That also happens when you restart your server. However, when the software is shut down, your website won’t be able to connect to its database.

What does the error ” Apache shutdown unexpectedly ” mean?

I change what explained but still same error come’s . Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly. 6:39:15 PM [Apache] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method. Try stopping the process using “net stop http” or change the port to some other number other than 80, 81.

Why does XAMPP say Apache shut down unexpectedly?

This default application of Apache will use the same default port settings as the Apache server in XAMPP, so this may be the cause of the “Apache shutdown unexpectedly” error. If you’re using macOS, you can follow these four steps to update the default port settings.

Why is my Apache server shut down on my Mac?

Depending on what version of macOS you’re running, you may already have Apache installed on your computer. This default application of Apache will use the same default port settings as the Apache server in XAMPP, so this may be the cause of the “Apache shutdown unexpectedly” error.

How to stop Apache shutdown in Windows 10?

Search for IIS in Windows search (Click the Window icon in left bottom and type in where it says ‘Search program and files’) . Open IIS (Internet Information Service) . In the right side in actions panel. Click Stop. Note: The stop link is faded in screen shot. As I’ve stopped it. Problem Solved! This worked for me… If you are using windows…

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