How big is Sorocaba in relation to Sao Paulo?

How big is Sorocaba in relation to Sao Paulo?

Sorocaba is the eighth-largest city in the state of São Paulo. Outside the Greater São Paulo region, it ranks behind only Campinas, São José dos Campos and Ribeirão Preto. It is part of the Metropolitan Region of Sorocaba.

When did Cristovao Pereira de Abreu arrive in Sorocaba?

With the arrival of colonel Cristóvão Pereira de Abreu and his troops in 1773, begins the main chapter of the history of Sorocaba: the Tropeirismo .

How did Vila de Nossa Senhora de Sorocaba get its name?

In the year of 1661, Baltasar Fernandes went to São Paulo to request that Sorocaba be named a village from the governor, Correia de Sá e Benevides. Thus, on March 3, 1661, Sorocaba became known as Vila de Nossa Senhora da Ponte de Sorocaba.

When was the first cotton plantation in Sorocaba started?

In 1862, Lieutenant-Colonel Francisco Gonçalves de Oliveira Machado started the first cotton plantation in Sorocaba. The local environment and weather were ideal, and the plantation flourished. The first harvest exceeded all expectations, starting another cycle of industrial and economic development.

Who are the members of the municipal council of Sorocaba?

Thus, on March 3, 1661, Sorocaba became known as Vila de Nossa Senhora da Ponte de Sorocaba. The organization of the Municipal Council followed shortly, with the main nominees being: Baltasar Fernandes and André de Zunega (judges), Cláudio Furquim and Pascoal Leite Pais (city councillors), Domingos Garcia (procurator) and Francisco Sanches (clerk).

How tall is the valley of the Sorocaba River?

The lower altitude is 539 meters, in the valley of the Sorocaba River. Sorocaba is located on the edge of the Peripheral Depression of São Paulo state, in the Appalachian Fall Line, as defined by Professor Aziz Ab’Saber.

What kind of products do they make in Sorocaba?

Given town status in 1661 and made the seat of a municipality in 1842, Sorocaba is now one of the country’s major industrial centres. Manufactures include cotton and silk textiles, cement, fertilizers, lumber, aluminum products, electrical equipment, shoes, hats, alcohol, and wines.

What kind of rocks are in Sorocaba Brazil?

Sorocaba is located exactly on the limit between the sedimentary rocks of Parana Sedimentary Basin (Itararé Group, in glacial and deltaic palaeoenvironments of Permian-Carboniferous age) and crystalline basement (Neoproterozoic).

How did Sorocaba contribute to the Civil War?

Goods bought in Sorocaba were known from across the Country, spread by the merchant troops. The main events of Tropeirismo comprehended a hundred years of the Sorocaba history, from 1770 to 1870. During the American Civil War, English textile industries ran out of cotton, which was imported from the Southern United States.

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