Is Hideaki Anno married?

Is Hideaki Anno married?

Moyoco Annom. 2002
Hideaki Anno/Spouse

What has Hideaki Anno made?

Hideaki Anno
Occupation Artist, animator, anime creator, director, screenwriter, actor, producer, designer and businessperson
Years active 1982–present
Known for Neon Genesis Evangelion Shin Godzilla
Spouse(s) Moyoko Anno ​ ( m. 2002)​

How old is Hideaki Anno?

61 years (22 May 1960)
Hideaki Anno/Age

Did Hideaki Anno work on FLCL?

Hideaki Anno (庵野 秀明?, Anno Hideaki; born May 22, 1960) is a Japanese animator, film director, screenwriter, story-boarder, voice actor, and actor. He was the uncredited Japanese voice of Miyu Miyu in FLCL, working under his protégé Kazuya Tsurumaki in his first work as a full-fledged director.

How old is the actor Hideaki Anno?

Hideaki Anno (庵野 秀明, Anno Hideaki, born May 22, 1960) is a Japanese animator, film director, and actor.

Who is the director of Moyoco Anno movie?

The movie was directed by Shinji Higuchi, who, like her husband Hideaki Anno, is a co-founder of Gainax. Anno took a career hiatus in 2008, citing health reasons. During this hiatus, Anno published essays in manga form about her life with her husband.

When did the asteroid Moyoco Anno get its name?

Anno won the 29th Kodansha Manga Award for children’s manga in 2005 for Sugar Sugar Rune. Asteroid 300082 Moyocoanno, discovered by Japanese amateur astronomer Yasuhide Fujita in 2006, was named in her honor. The official naming citation was published by the Minor Planet Center on 6 April 2012 ( M.P.C. 79108 ).

When did Hideaki Anno Start Studio Khara?

On August 1, 2006, Hideaki Anno’s official website was updated with job listings for key animators and production staff at a company he founded, Studio Khara. In September 2006, it is reported by the October edition of the Japanese animation magazine Newtype.

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