What does Ponystream mean?

What does Ponystream mean?

/ponystream: Ponystream is one of our favorite hidden Easter eggs because it’s so funny and seemingly random. It’s a command. Typing ‘/ponystream’ into the chatbox and sending it as a message will cause dozens of My Little Pony-lookalikes to run across the screen infinitely. This is the easter egg for you.

What tricks can you do on Hangouts?

7 Google Hangouts tricks you should know

  • 1/7. Use way more emoji!
  • 2/7. Make a simple Hangouts chat more fun.
  • 3/7. Make your chat window alive.
  • 4/7. Tanslate your message.
  • 5/7. Add some emphasis with bold, italicize, or strike-through formatting in Google Hangouts.
  • 6/7. Unlisted emojis.
  • 7/7. Move all your contacts to the right side.

How do you get emoticons on Hangouts?

In using Google Hangouts you can simply click the grey smiling face at the left of the chat box. Then you will be able to see and pick which emoji you want to use.

How do you do cool effects on Google Hangouts?

To apply special effects during your hangout, click the Google Effects button at the top of the Google+ Hangouts window and select an effect from the available options (see Figure 6). For example, you can apply humorous effects such as headwear, eyewear, and facial hair.

How can I Watch my Little Pony on Google Hangouts?

Type “/ponystream” (with the forward slash at the beginning) into Google Hangouts and watch a never ending stream of My Little Pony ponies prancing across your chat window. You’ll notice that some have hats, sunglasses, and even flaming manes.

How can I stop the stream of ponies?

To stop the ponies, you simply type /ponystream again. /ponies If a stream of ponies is a bit much, you can type /ponies to make just want one pony to appear, and type /ponies again to make the pony disappear. woot!!: Typing “woot” allows an animated blob emoji face to crawl up the screen and laugh in your face. Happy Birthday!!:

How to make your own one line emoticons?

Make your own cool text emoticons (also known as kawaii smiley faces and text emoji faces from symbols) or copy and paste from a list of the best one line text art smiley faces. Use them to destroy ambiguity and help your friends experience your text as you want.

How to see group of ponies running across your screen?

To see a group of ponies running across your screen, simply type /ponystream to a chat window and hit the enter key. …and you will see a group of ponies running across your screen. Before they break your monitor glass, let’s stop them. Shall we?

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