What are the Round Towers in Chicago?

What are the Round Towers in Chicago?

THE BUILDING The towers were the tallest apartment buildings in the world when completed. They were designed by the architect, Bertrand Goldberg. They are often referred to as Chicago’s round towers, the corn on the cob or just corn cob buildings.

When were the Marina Towers built in Chicago?

Marina City, designed by architect Bertrand Goldberg and constructed between 1960 and 1967, is an icon of Chicago architecture and urban planning. The scale and scope of the project was unparalleled at the time of its construction.

What are the corn cob buildings in Chicago called?

Marina City, affectionately known as “the corn cob”, is a mixed-use residential-commercial building complex in Chicago, Illinois, United States, North America, designed by architect Bertrand Goldberg.

Who built Marina City?

Bertrand Goldberg
Marina City Goldberg/Architects

The Marina City complex was designed in 1959 by architect Bertrand Goldberg and constructed between 1961 and 1968 at a cost of $36 million, financed to a large extent by Building Service Employees International Union, a union of building janitors and elevator operators, who sought to reverse the pattern of white flight …

How tall are the Marina Towers?

Portions of the complex were designated a Chicago Landmark in 2016. The complex consists of two 587-foot (179 m), 65-story apartment towers, opened in 1963, which include physical plant penthouses….

Marina City
Cost US$36 million (equivalent to $268 million in 2020)
Roof 587 ft (179 m)
Technical details

Who designed Marina Towers in Chicago?

architect Bertrand Goldberg
When architect Bertrand Goldberg envisioned Marina City, it was an urban experiment designed to draw middle-class Chicagoans back to the city after more than a decade of suburban migration.

Who designed the Wrigley Building?

Graham, Anderson, Probst & White
The Wrigley Building/Architecture firms
Chicago, Illinois, USA The Wrigley Building, designed by Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, is one of downtown Chicago’s most recognized architectural icons, dating to the 1920s.

Where are the Marina towers located in Chicago?

Marina Towers, also known as the “Corn Cob Towers” because of their unique shape, are located in the beautiful neighborhood of River North with incredible views of the city and the Chicago River. The twin towers were built in 1964 as post-war apartment buildings in downtown Chicago, and later converted to condos.

When was Marina City Apartments built in Chicago?

Please look at our website www.marina-city.com for individual unit photos. Marina City is an iconic part of the Chicago River Skyline. Built in 1964 by Bertrand Goldberg the building was designed as a city with-in a city, offering its residents everything they could need with-in walking distance.

How to rent a condo in Marina Towers?

RENTAL PRICE in Marina Towers AVG. DAYS ON MARKET in Marina Towers Move slider to adjust the date range. Hover your cursor over any bar in the graph for unit sales details. Live in the building? Positive reviews increase value. Write a review today!

When did the Marina City Towers get built?

Built in 1964, Marina City Towers were the first urban post-war high-rise residential towers in the US. Originally built as apartments, the buildings were converted to condominiums in 1977. These towers are widely recognized around the world and have been featured in many different forms of media throughout the years.

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