How do I install VMware vSphere Update Manager?

How do I install VMware vSphere Update Manager?

To install VMware vCenter Update Manager 6.0:

  1. Mount the vSphere 6.0 installation media.
  2. In the left pane, under VMware vCenter Support Tools, click vSphere Update Manager and then click Install.
  3. Select the appropriate language from the dropdown and click OK.
  4. In the welcome screen, click Next.

How do I schedule a VM tool update?


  1. Navigate to Menu > Hosts and Clusters.
  2. Select a host or a cluster from the inventory and click the Updates tab.
  3. Select VMware Tools.
  4. (Optional) To update the Tools Status and Auto Update Setting, click Scan Now.
  5. Select the virtual machines for which you want to enable VMware Tools upgrade on reboot.

How do I use Update Manager?

Click the Monitor tab. Click Update Manager. Click Scan and select the types of updates to scan for. Click OK….Updating an ESXi/ESX host using VMware vCenter Update Manager 4. x, 5. x and 6. x (1019545)

  1. Click Home.
  2. Click the Update Manager icon.
  3. Under the Configuration tab, click Patch Download Schedule.

How do I configure Update Manager?

To change a certain Update Manager setting in the vSphere Client, select Home > Update Manager and clck the Settings tab.

  1. Update Manager Network Connectivity Settings.
  2. Change the Update Manager Network Settings.
  3. Change the Update Manager Network Settings in the vSphere Web Client.

What is the current version of vCenter?

Build numbers and versions of VMware vCenter Server (2143838)

Version Release Date
vCenter Server 7.0 update 1a ( 2020-10-22
vCenter Server 7.0 Update 1 ( 2020-10-06
vCenter Server 7.0.0d ( 2020-08-25
vCenter Server 7.0.0c ( 2020-07-30

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