What kind of aircraft is the Mitsubishi MU-2?

What kind of aircraft is the Mitsubishi MU-2?

The Mitsubishi MU-2 is a Japanese high-wing, twin-engine turboprop aircraft with a pressurized cabin manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

What’s the stall speed of a Mitsubishi MU 2?

While stall speeds of the long-body version are in the 80-knot range with flaps down, clean stall is 26 knots faster at 106 knots. As a result, the MU–2 has minimum speeds based on flap settings—much like large jets do. The full-span flaps don’t leave room for ailerons on the trailing edge of the wing. For roll control, the MU–2 uses roll spoilers.

Where did Mooney build the Mitsubishi MU 2?

In 1965, Mooney established a facility to assemble MU-2s at its new factory in San Angelo, Texas. Major components were shipped from Japan, and the San Angelo factory installed engines, avionics, and interiors, then painted, flight tested, and delivered the completed aircraft to customers.

Why is it important to trim a Mitsubishi MU-2?

When pilots were taught to retain takeoff flap and reduce climb rate after an engine failure, MU-2 takeoff accident rates were reduced. Additionally, the MU-2 is sensitive to trim settings, and it is critical to promptly trim the aircraft properly in all phases of flight.

What kind of roll control does a MU-2 have?

For roll control, the MU–2 uses roll spoilers. Turn the yoke right and a spoiler on the top of the right wing goes up to reduce lift on that wing, causing a bank. You can keep your feet on the floor during turns since there are no ailerons to create adverse yaw.

What kind of engine does a Jim Burton Mu 2 have?

Jim Burton’s MU–2, featured on these pages, is a 1978 N model, one of the roomy long-body models that lacks the higher-power Honeywell TPE331-10 engines available as an upgrade through an STC, and which became standard in later MU–2s.

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