What is ice bin in bar?

What is ice bin in bar?

Ice bins help your bartenders or barmaids keep an ample supply of ice close at hand so mixing or preparing a cocktail or drink is a breeze. Faster serving of drinks or cocktails at your bar, tavern, or pub means more customers and more profits for you.

What is a drop in ice bin?

Keep your ice insulated and easily accessible with the Regency 18″ x 12″ stainless steel drop-in ice bin. Designed for bar, concession, and kiosk applications where you need to store ice for an extended period of time, this ice bin lets you keep ice insulated until you need it.

What is the uses of ice bin?

If you’re buying a modular ice machine, the type that don’t have their own storage, you’ll need an ice bin to store all the ice it produces. A used ice bin can be a cost-effective way to store ice for a new or used ice machine.

What is an ice bin cold plate?

Cold plates cool your soda water and syrup lines by being submerged in an ice bath. They can be installed in an existing ice bin, an insulated ice chest, or even in an ice machine!

Can a drop in ice bin be placed under a bar?

These mobile ice bins provide extra flexibility and are portable to fit your needs. Freestanding ice bins can be placed under your bar to provide convenient access to ice for soft drinks and cocktails. Drop in ice bins are designed to sit level with your existing countertop, so you can easily refill glasses with ice at your bar.

Where do you store ice in a bar?

Perfect for bars, pubs, and clubs, underbar ice bins allow you to store ice right at your bar or beverage preparation station. These compact units keep ice easily within reach of your bartenders or other employees.

Which is better freestanding or drop in ice bins?

Drop-in wells save floor space by replacing a section of countertop with the bin rather than extending the area used into existing floor space. However, installing this type of well is more difficult than a freestanding unit, which adds to the total cost of usage.

What does an ice box do for beer?

Beer boxes have an insulated cavity that keeps your bottles or cans of beer chilled and easily accessible. These ice bins drop into your existing work surface and have a cold plate that chills your beverages before they reach your soda gun.

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