How much is petrol and diesel in UK?

How much is petrol and diesel in UK?

UK prices as of Thursday 2 September

Highest Average
Petrol 168.5p 135.3p
Diesel 167.5p 137.2p

What is the price of petrol in the UK today?

Petrol Price in Uttarakhand Today : The price of Petrol in Uttarakhand is at Rs 97.78 per litre Today.

What is the current price of diesel in the UK?

For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world for this period is 1.05 U.K. Pound Sterling….United Kingdom Diesel prices, 30-Aug-2021.

United Kingdom Diesel prices Litre Gallon
USD 1.880 7.117
EUR 1.598 6.049

What is the price of diesel today?

Today’s Diesel Price in Indian Metro Cities & State Capitals

City Today Price Yesterday’s Price
New Delhi ₹ 89.87 ₹ 89.87
Kolkata ₹ 93.02 ₹ 93.02
Mumbai ₹ 97.45 ₹ 97.45
Chennai ₹ 94.48 ₹ 94.48

Why does diesel fuel cost more than gasoline?

Part of the reason diesel fuel is more expensive than gas is the total amount of federal and state taxes added to each gallon. In many other countries, diesel fuel is still much cheaper than petrol, and there are significantly more diesel-powered passenger vehicles on European and Asian roadways.

How much does diesel fuel cost per gallon?

As of January 2019, diesel fuel retail price in the United States reached 2.98 U.S. dollars per gallon . In comparison, gasoline cost and average of 2.72 U.S. dollars per gallon in 2018.

What is National diesel average?

Diesel tops $3 per gallon in nearly every U.S. region. While national gasoline average cost per gallon stayed in the $2.85 range this week, diesel continues to creep up with a national average of $3.17 per gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration.

What is a fuel charge?

A fuel charge is the cost for fuel required to provide each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity. A non-fuel charge is the cost other than fuel to produce and deliver electricity to your home or business, including the cost to operate equipment and maintain facilities.

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