How much does a Kimberley Karavan cost?

How much does a Kimberley Karavan cost?

Experience the luxurious comforts of a Kimberley Kruiser, and compact Off-Road agility of the light weight Kimberley Kamper… with the all-in-one package of the Kimberley Karavan!…KIMBERLEY OFF-ROAD KARAVAN TRAILERS.

Classic $92,490
Eco-Suite $117,250

What happened Kimberley kampers?

After a rather tumultuous 12 months of voluntary administration and last ditch efforts to save the company, Kimberley Kampers closes its doors. Once known for being arguably the most advanced and well built rear-fold campers on the market, the company was put into voluntary administration late last year.

Where are Kimberley kampers made?

Kimberley Kampers is a 100% Australian company employing over 100 people in Ballina. Kimberley is a direct investor in China. Kimberley designs, manufactures and markets the biggest range of off-road caravans and camper trailers in Australia.

How much is a Kimberley kruiser?


How long is a Kimberley Karavan?

At slightly more than 17ft (5.0m), the hard-top Karavan isn’t any longer than walk-in camper trailers. And with a travelling height of 7ft 5in (2.28m), it sits almost as high as the top of the roof rack on a LandCruiser, and is actually 20mm narrower. Despite the ostentatious living space when set up, it travels well.

Who owns Kimberly kampers?

James Cockburn
New joint owner James Cockburn told caravancampingsales that he and former Kimberley General Manger Brett McLaren were committed to rebuilding Kimberley along more conservative, traditional lines, but that technology and innovation would remain key aspects of the Northern NSW brand’s DNA.

Do they still make Kimberley kampers?

After 26 years, the first ever Kimberley Kamper is still in regular use. The perfect entry point that ticks all the 4×4 boxes.

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