What line is best for feeder fishing?

What line is best for feeder fishing?

Korum Feeder Line
Korum’s Kevin Durman expalians why the new Korum Feeder Line is the best line that he’s used! Designed to be a fast sinking line, that is perfect for all types of feeder fishing. Whether you are Method Feeder fishing for carp on commercial fisheries, or casting big feeders when barbel fishing.

When should you use a cage feeder?

A cage feeder allows you to fish with a hookbait sinking slowly through the final foot of the swim. If used with feed pressed lightly into the feeder it can create a cloud close to the deck for the bait to fall through. Much depends on what you are trying to achieve in terms of how you want to catch the carp.

Is a method feeder self-hooking?

By far and away the top choice is the Method feeder, allowing you to tuck a bait inside a ball of feed and have both mixed together once the feed breaks down in the water. It’s also a self-hooking rig, meaning there’s no hitting tiny knocks on the quivertip. When a fish is on, you’ll know about it!

What is a self-hooking rig?

A complete self-hooking rig. A fitted swivel set in the seat of the sinker causes the fish to hook itself after biting, with no action required from us, which is why it is called a self-hooking rig.

What is the best feeder braid?

Cenex Sinking Feeder Braid

  • One of the most significant innovations in modern feeder fishing has to be the development of fine diameter sinking braids.
  • My choice for most of my feeder fishing is Cenex Sinking Feeder Braid in 0.10mm diameter, which has a breaking strain of 12lb.

What line do you use for coarse fishing?

What line do I need for coarse fishing? We recommend 6-8lb monofilament, this breaking strain of line is ideal for dealing with larger carp if they’re present in the fishery. Ensure you look for a reliable and robust mainline as you will be making in excess of 100 plus casts in a session.

What size method feeder should I use?

Around four inches is the usual length for a Method feeder hooklength but this is something the fish must be very used to. For this reason I also experiment with slightly longer five inch versions and this has worked quite well today.

What is the best feeder?

Here are the best bird feeders in 2021

  • Best tube feeder: Droll Yankees Onyx 18-inch Mixed Seed Tube Bird Feeder.
  • Best budget tube feeder: Perky Pet Tube Wild Bird Feeder.
  • Best nectar feeder: Aspects 367 Hummzinger Ultra.
  • Best hopper feeder: Woodlink Squirrel Resistant Hopper Feeder.

How can I attract more fish?

A popper makes a loud splooshing sound on the surface and when fished right can attract a fish’s attention. There are also crankbaits with rattles inside them which help to attract fish. This tactic is especially useful on days when visibility is poor, as the fish will rely on their hearing more than their sight.

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