How do I get to red flagon?

How do I get to red flagon?

The Flagon is located within Riften’s old sewer network, and can be accessed through the Ratway. After joining the Thieves Guild, quicker access becomes available through the headquarters’s secret entrance, which opens from behind the Hall of the Dead into the Ragged Flagon – Cistern.

How do I get to the Ragged Flagon cistern?

The Ragged Flagon Cistern is a location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is reached by going through a rigged cupboard in The Ragged Flagon, just before the entrance leading to The Ratway Vaults.

How do I get to the Ratway?

The entrance to the Ratway can be accessed through a door located on the lower concourse of Riften, along the canal. Just inside are two Nords, Drahff and Hewnon Black-Skeever, who are plotting to overthrow the Thieves’ Guild. Further inside is Gian the Fist.

Does Ragged Flagon ever change?

Complete 5 of Delvin’s/Vex’s radiant jobs, then do 1 unique special job in each of the following: Markarth, Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude.

Where are the locations of the syndus group?

The Syndus Group is an international organisation with production facilities and locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Slovakia.

Where do you find syndus in the thieves guild?

Syndus is a Bosmer weapons and armor merchant who runs a shop in The Ragged Flagon. He becomes available after completing the first available city influence quest given by Delvin Mallory for the Thieves Guild.

Where to find syndus the Bosmer in Skyrim?

Syndus is a Bosmer fletcher who operates a shop at The Ragged Flagon. He will move into The Ratway after you complete one of the Thieves Guild ‘s “special” jobs for Delvin Mallory. His shop contains various pieces of archery equipment, most notably a bow that can be found on the counter.

What kind of clothes does syndus wear in Skyrim?

Syndus wears a set of merchant’s clothes along with a pair of boots. He carries a leveled bow, which can be up to Elven in quality, along with twelve leveled arrows of the best possible quality and a small amount of gold.

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