Does AKG K702 need amp?

Does AKG K702 need amp?

Because of this, both headphones will require some power from an amp to reach a listenable level. The good news is that at 62 Ohms, they won’t resist that power much at all. This is why the whole “OMG K701/K702 is so hard to drive” was and still is a huge myth. A lot of amps will sound great as well.

Are AKG still made in Austria?

However, though they are no longer being made in Austria, much of AKG’s engineering and design continues to take place there and no matter where they are built AKG will continue to build great sounding products. in China.

Are in ear monitors good for listening to music?

While in-ear monitors don’t have active noise canceling, they do block most noise from the surrounding area. Even at low volumes, it’s unlikely you’ll hear anything in your environment. This means you can play audio at a reasonable level while maintaining noise-cancellation properties.

What kind of sound does AKG K702 have?

The AKG K702 have excellent sound quality for neutral listening. They’re comfortable and reproduce tracks with great fidelity. Bass mids and treble are well balanced, and the well-designed, large, and open ear cups give them a spacious soundstage. They’ll sound great with high-res audio and an amp.

Is the AKG 702 ear cups comfortable to wear?

The open back ear cups are large and circular and covered in a suede-like padding that gives the headphones a premium appeal. However, they pretty big and bulky for everyday use. The AKG 702 are very comfortable headphones. The large ear cups easily fit around most ears, and the headband design does not put much pressure on the head.

Which is better AKG K702 or Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro?

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO and the AKG K702 are both great headphones for critical listeners and have very little difference in performance. Sound-wise, the K702 might lack a bit of sub-bass when compared to the DT 990 and could sound a bit sharper on higher frequencies.

What do you need to know about K702 headphones?

The K702’s comfortable, specially shaped 3D-foam ear pads and a genuine-leather headband ensure a perfect fit. They provide a professional mini XLR connector for quick replacement of the cable. The K702s are individually checked and serial-numbered. The heart of any headphone or microphone is the diaphragm.

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